Air France "France is in the air" (20150 :45 (France)

Air France is in the air. Which makes sense, because airplanes. This light-as-a-feather spot features lots of people on swings. A couple of them are ballerinas from The Opera Garnier.



Kohler "Never TOO timeless" (2015) :30 (USA)

Kohler faucets are timeless, but not so timeless that they don’t fit in with a modern look, either. I.e. not TOO, timeless. I would have gone with Not *too* timeless, but whatever.



Happy International Women's Day from Volkswagen.

Simple ad for Volkswagen from DDB Hungary with a International Women’s Day theme. They changed “Das Auto” to its feminine “Die Auto.” I’ll bet the copywriter came up with it in ten minutes, pretended it took a few hours, and then went home early. That’s how I would have done it, anyway.



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Orange Babies "Borrowed Time" (2015) 1:30 (South Africa)

Here’s a beautiful but heartbreaking spot featuring a mother trying to let her baby see and experience as much as possible before it is too late. The spot ends with the message there’s no reason for a baby to be born with HIV ever again.



BUTCHER Welcomes Editor Nick Pezzillo to their Talented Team

Award-winning post production company BUTCHER is pleased to announce the addition of rising talent, Editor Nick Pezzillo, to their creative roster.

Previously at Foundation Content, Pezzillo joins BUTCHER with experience cutting innovative commercial projects for globally recognized brands including Microsoft, Audi, EA Sports, Nissan and Levis. A recent ground-breaking project for Microsoft Surface was awarded gold and silver Addys, as well as a national gold Addy.


McDonald's "Good Things" (2015) 1:00 (USA)

The sofa that appears toward the beginning of this spot made me think i was watching an adidas spot. But nope, it’s actually for McDonald’s. Burrell Communications enlisted the iconic director Joe Pytka for this spot.



Contemporary Dutch Cottages – Zecc Architects Designs a Countryside Cabin Using Shuttered Walls (GALLERY)

( Zecc Architects has created a contemporary dutch cottage that looks as though it’s been inspired by Asian architecture. Strikingly simple, it features floor-to-ceiling windows that not…

Rob Trostle Joins Droga5 NY as Executive Design Director

023e109The Drum reports that Droga5 New York named Rob Trostle to the newly-created position of executive design director. In the role, Trostle will be responsible for overseeing and expanding the agency’s design department as well as directing his team’s creative focus.

Trostle arrives from Golden Arm — “an alliance of branding experts and award-winning directors…cultivating powerful stories and compelling experiences for forward thinking brands” — where he was a founding partner and creative director.

Prior to launching that venture, he was a freelance designer, working with agencies such as BBDO, McCann, SS+K and Big Spaceship. Before going freelance, Trostle served stints as a design director with Mother and, briefly, Anomaly.

Of the new appointment, Trostle writes:

“Given Droga5’s breadth of work and innovative approach, I am greatly looking forward to leading the design department in continuing to deliver integrated, strategic, and compelling creative work across all disciplines.”

Driving A Giant GMC Truck Is Like “Painting The Corners”

Baseball season is almost here. And people forget. GMC is wisely reminding us, and wisely using a World Series hero and one of the best songs in rock and roll history to move metal. The commercial features San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, who earned the win in Game 7 of the team’s World […]

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Matt Bonin Isn’t Leaving Ogilvy After All


Earlier this week we received word that Matt Bonin, chief production officer at Ogilvy New York for the past three years, planned to leave the agency after receiving “an amazing offer” from an undisclosed business that may or may not have been a rival agency (we never found out).

An internal memo sent to all New York staff today by North American CCO Steve Simpson, however, revealed that Ogilvy has somehow convinced Bonin to stay.

Here’s the email, headlined “The Uses of Guilt”:

Five days ago, Matt Bonin wrote a heartfelt memo to all of us, announcing his departure.

In the few score hours that have passed since then, many of you have expressed your deep regret at his leaving and great gratitude for his accomplishments at Ogilvy & Mather.

We hope you were sincere in these sentiments (as it never pays to overdo things out of politeness). But you gave him a guilt trip, but good—because this got Matt to thinking.

I will let Matt speak to you himself about those thoughts. But the one thing I can vouch for is the result:

Matt Bonin is staying.

Well: How wonderful. How awkward. Why, it’s already in the press—doesn’t he have to leave? He can’t change his mind, can he? Isn’t there, like, a law?

Law or no law, Matt had the courage and proper disdain for convention to reverse himself. (“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”)

Matt also was troubled by the thought that the work he signed up for, while far advanced, is not yet finished.

Since he joined in 2012, Matt has led the bloodless integration of our production talent; he has helped shape our evolving approach to content; and he has balanced WPP efforts to make production more efficient with our own insistence upon the primacy of jumpy, nervous, obstinate, messy, contradictory creative humans.

The work will continue, and the pace will pick up. This is the work Matt came here to do, and the work he will continue to do for as long as we can keep throwing challenges his way.

Please join me in congratulating Matt, and welcoming him back to our side.

Steve Simpson

So the guilt trip strategy works.

No word on whether other factors may have played a role in this decision…

Friday Odds and Ends

-Chili’s and IMM brought back a certain jingle for the chain’s 40th birthday (video above).

-“Copyranter” Mark Duffy thinks “Digital is destroying all creativity.”

-Here are 13 retro ads from the golden age of airlines.

-The ADC is launching a partnership with Monotype.

-Safelite AutoGlass named Havas Media North America as its U.S. agency of record.

-Tumblr shares the first marketing results from its Creatrs Network.

-AdAge shares “Six Things You Didn’t Know About DDB NY’s Icaro Doria.”

Toca Me Opening Titles 2015

Depuis 2003, la conférence de design Toca Me a lieu chaque année à Munich. Pour cette édition 2015, la video d’introduction a été produite par Jörg Fuchs alias Define en collaboration avec Michael Knaf, Jan Schöttler et Phuong Herzer sur une musique de Audionerve. A découvrir.

Toca Me Opening Titles 2015_4
Toca Me Opening Titles 2015_3
Toca Me Opening Titles 2015_2
Toca Me Opening Titles 2015_1
Toca Me Opening Titles 2015_0

Mamilos 15 – Feminismo, Glass Lion, Gladiadores do Altar e vazamentos


Mamileiros e mamiletes que semana foi essa? Vocês enlouqueceram de mandar links, teve polêmica pra todos os gostos! Exército do Senhor, o caso lamentável de abuso de álcool, e uma emenda pior que o soneto com o hit da mãe batendo no menino que vazou vídeo íntimo da namorada. Pra aliviar o Olimpo da publicidade criou um prêmio super legal.

Mas o mais importante é: vamos quebrar tabus? Vamoooos! Hoje é dia de saber que raios é esse feminismo, de onde vem, do que se alimenta e porque diabos se intromete e questiona tudo. E pra demolir todos os estereótipos trouxemos as doces, lindas e simpáticas feminazis Thais Fabris diretora de criação, fundadora da 65/10 e criadora da cerveja feminista e Itali Collini estudante de economia e fundadora no núcleo de estudos de gênero e raça da FEA.

Vem sem medo, vem sem preconceito, vem quebrar paradigmas.

Taca-lhe pau nesse Mamilos

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02m26 Fala que eu te escuto
07m32 Trending Topics
30m24 Treta da Semana: Feminismo
1h35m13 Farol Aceso

Edição: Caio Corraini
Música: Aretha Franklin – Respect, SIA – Elastic Heart, Madonna – Express Yourself, Beyoncé – Who Run the World, Rita Lee – Pagu


Críticas, elogios, sugestões para ou no



Conceitos básicos
Feminismo para leigos
Violência contra a mulher
Teste você é feminista?
Vamos falar sobre sororidade
Sororidade, o que é isso?
Intersecção com outras lutas
GASLIGHTING: Alguém está tentando fazer você enlouquecer?
Discurso Emma Watson na ONU – He For She
Braincast Teste de Bechdel
Anticast – Gênero como construção social

Farol Aceso
Ju – O mito do orgasmo vaginal
Cris – 23 dias para um homem melhor e Apartamento 302
Itali –
Thais – TED da Chimamanda Ngozi We should all be feminist

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Ad Tech's Rough Ride on Wall Street Continues With Latest IPO

The first ad-tech IPO since July 2014 showed why companies in the category have shied away from Wall Street.

Maxpoint Interactive, a marketing automation company that helps brands target neighborhoods via zip codes, went public today and watched its stock drop more than 15% by the time the market closed. The stock was priced at $11.50 and closed at $9.76.

A spokesman did not immediately return an email asking for comment about the stock’s performance.

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Tribal Worldwide Visualizes Parking Assist for Volkswagen Passat

Tribal Worldwide found a unique way to promote the Volkswagen Passat’s parking assist feature in its latest ad for the brand.

The agency worked with Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium Studios on a series of four spots for the brand. “Park Assist,” the first of these (featured above), visualizes the vehicle’s technology, making it appear as if the viewer is seeing things through the car’s point of view, before returning to the vehicle’s proud owner and his rather impressed passenger. To achieve the effect, The Drum explains, the team “rigged a Passat with infrared cameras which collected positional data that was translated in real time and used to create a CGI environment around the car.” The result is impressive, visually striking and a nice change of pace for the brand, which has traditionally sold itself on its durability, reliability and affordability rather than its technological features.

“The [technology focus] is where the brand is right now,” Silke Anderson, Volkswagen UK communications manager, told The Drum. “Innovation has always been core to everything that we do and with the Passat so full of technology we felt it was the perfect opportunity to bring this tech to life and get people talking about it in an excited way. Unless you drive the car then it’s hard to visualise how the systems and the sensors are working.”

Amazing Graphite Pencil Drawings

PEZ est un illustrateur basé à Nantes en France. Sur les feuilles blanches de son carnet à dessin, l’artiste illustre au crayon graphite des scènes urbaines dramatiques très détaillées, mêlées à des influences street-art et pop culture. Une sélection de son minutieux travail et à découvrir dans la suite.

Graphite Pencil Drawing-15
Graphite Pencil Drawing-14
Graphite Pencil Drawing-13
Graphite Pencil Drawing-12
Graphite Pencil Drawing-11
Graphite Pencil Drawing-10
Graphite Pencil Drawing-9
Graphite Pencil Drawing-8
Graphite Pencil Drawing-7
Graphite Pencil Drawing-5
Graphite Pencil Drawing-3
Graphite Pencil Drawing-2
Graphite Pencil Drawing-1
Graphite Pencil Drawing-00
Graphite Pencil Drawing-0
Amazing Graphite Pencil Drawings

TV's Soggy Scatter Market for Ads Is a Grim Portent for This Year's Upfront

After last summer’s tepid upfront market exacerbated fears that digital was finally clawing into TV ad budgets, media CEOs swore up and down that the later, so-called scatter market would bail them out. Trouble is, the rebound never happened, and if this year’s first-quarter trends are anything to go by, the 2015-16 upfront bazaar could be an even greater letdown than its predecessor.

As the heads of the major media conglomerates acknowledged during last month’s earnings calls, the first-quarter scatter market is lukewarm at best. In almost any other year, the “high single digit” pricing increases reported by CBS and the 10% premiums achieved by ABC would be a not-inconsiderable improvement upon the rates set in the upfront. But in this particular case, those figures are more modest than they may first appear.

That’s because lower demand and depressed ad rates last year left TV sales execs with more inventory on their hands than is customary after an upfront, the annual marketplace for commerical time in the upcoming TV season. That left networks pinning more hopes on scatter. As MoffettNathanson Research analyst Michael Nathanson observed this week in a note to investors, scatter hasn’t been strong enough to offset that original shortfall. “General scatter pricing remains weak,” Mr. Nathanson wrote. “Modest gains in scatter pricing will not meaningfully improve growth.”

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Futuristic Shower Concepts – The EIKON Touch Water Control System Beckons the Future (GALLERY)

( The EIKON Touch Water Control system Bossini is shows us what the future of the shower and bath industry will look like.

The system is characterized by a series of flat shower panels, stainless…

Horizon wins CarMax Media Duties

carmaxCarMax has handed media duties over to Horizon following a competitive review, sources told Adweek.

The review for the assignment, previously handled in-house, also included finalists OMD and Vizeum. It follows the selection of new CMO Jim Lyski last August, and a competitive review which handed creative duties to McKinney in November. According to Kantar Media, CarMax spends around $70 million on media annually.

David Beckham Adds Pool Hustle to His Underwear Hype in H&M Ad

It’s a little unusual to see David Beckham in an ad wearing anything beyond his tighty-whities.

For years, the H&M undergarment pitchman and former soccer great has been showing off his midriff, but he adds some pool hustle to the usual swagger in this new ad.

Marc Forster, the man behind films like Monster’s Ball and World War Z, directs “Becks” in a “short film” (UGH) attributed to U.K. agency Strange Cargo.

Beckham doesn’t bend much in promoting the retailer’s “Modern Essentials,” but it’s nice to see a man enjoying his retirement.

Client: H&M
Agency: Strange Cargo
Production Company: Tool
Director: Marc Forster
Managing Director/EP: Oliver Fuselier
Executive Producer: Lori Stonebraker
Producer: Valerie Romer
DP: Ben Seresin