Advertising: Irreverence, and Youth, Reign at Celebrity-Studded Ad Week

Organizers are using celebrities, improvisational comedy and other elements intended to engage those attending the annual Advertising Week in New York.

Egypt Seizes Newspapers to Censor an Article

The censorship is another example of restrictions on news media freedom since the military takeover in July 2013 that put Abdel Fattah el-Sisi into power.

Why so bored?

Tap, tap, tapping away the human soul.


From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico

Oh ya baby gimme more!

Terry Richardson

Here’s a tiny confession. I’m bored.

What am I bored of? Everything. Blogs, books, music, art, business, ideas, politics, tweets, movies, science, math, technology  … but more than that: the spirit of the age; the atmosphere of the time; the tendency of the now; the disposition of the here.

We’ve always got to be doing something. Always always always. Tapping, clicking, meeting, partying, exercising, networking, “friending.” Work hard, play hard, live hard. Improve. Gain. Benefit. Realize.

Hold on. Let me turn on crotchety Grandpa mode. Click.

Remember when cafés used to be full of people … thinking? Now I defy you to find one not full of people Tinder–Twitter–Facebook–App–of–the–nanosecond–ing … furiously … like true believers hunched over the glow of a spiritualized Eden they can never truly enter, which is precisely why they’re mesmerized by it. The chance at a perfect life, full of pleasure, the perfect partner, relationship, audience, job, secret, home, career?—?it’s a tap away. It’s something like a slot–machine of the human soul, this culture we’re building. The jackpot’s just another coin away … forever.? Who wouldn’t be seduced by that?

Winners of a million followers, fans, friends, lovers, dollars … after all, a billion people tweeting, updating, flicking, swiping, tapping into the void a thousand times a minute can’t be wrong. Can they?

And therein lies the paradox of the bullshit machine. We do more than humans have ever done before. But we are not accomplishing much, and we are, it seems to me, becoming even less than that.

The more we do, the more passive we seem to become. Compliant. Complacent. As if we are merely going through the motions.

Why? We are something like apparitions ?today, juggling a multiplicity of selves through the noise. The “you” you are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tinder … wherever … at your day job, your night job, your hobby, your primary relationship, your friend–with–benefits, your incredibly astonishing range of extracurricular activities. But this hyperfragmentation of self gives rise to a kind of schizophrenia?—?conflicts, dissociations, tensions, dislocations, anxieties, paranoias, delusions. Our social wombs do not give birth to our true selves, the selves explosive with capability, possibility, wonder.

Tap tap tap. And yet. We are barely there. In our own lives, in the moments which we will one day look back on and ask ourselves … what were we thinking wasting our lives on things that didn’t matter at all?

The answer, of course, is that we weren’t thinking. Or feeling. We don’t have time to think anymore. Thinking is a superluxury. Feeling is an even bigger superluxury. In an era where decent food, water, education and healthcare are luxuries, thinking and feeling are activities too costly for society to allow. They are a drag on “growth”?—?a burden on “productivity”?—?they slow down the furious acceleration of the bullshit machine.

And so. Here we are. Going through the motions. The bullshit machine says the small is the great, the absence is the presence, the vicious is the noble and the lie is the truth. We believe it, and, greedily, it feeds on our belief. The more we feed it, the more insatiable it becomes. Until, at last, we are exhausted. By pretending to want the lives we think we should, instead of daring to live the lives we know we could.

Fuck it. Just admit it. You’re probably just as bored as I am.

Umair Haque is an author, economist and slayer of zombies. Excerpted from “The Bullshit Machine.”

Sustain Condoms: Only the best

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Advertising: Irreverence, and Youth, Reign at Celebrity-Studded Ad Week

Organizers are using celebrities, improvisational comedy and other elements intended to engage those attending the annual Advertising Week in New York.

Volvic: Giant

Advertising Agency: Y&R Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Creative Director: Pierrette Diaz
Art Directors: Jerome Billet, Xavier Reye
Designer: Matthieu Vivinis
Agency TV producers: Valerie Montiel, Estelle Diot
Production company: Gang Film
Producers: Jean Villiers, Nathalie le Caer
Post production house: Digital District
Post production: Marc Thomas Cave, Nicolas Belin, Bruno Maillard, Fabien Roumazeilles
Sound design directors / sound producers: Sam Ashwell, Matthieu Devos, Vincent Nayrolles
Production Designer: Pirra
Line producer: Rodolphe Lanaro
Post producer: Jean-Marie Ravot
Editors: Walter Mauriot, Fred Baudet
Music supervision: The Shop
Sound production company: 750 MPH, The shop
Published: Sept 20th

Citizen: Chasing Horizons

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Netherlands / Wieden + Kennedy Japan

Fox Cuts a Struggling ‘Utopia’ to One Night a Week

The network said on Wednesday that it would drop one of the two weekly episodes of the reality series, sticking only with an hour on Friday.

Eat sandwich shop chain: Don't skip breakfast

Advertising Agency: Brave, London, UK
Concept Team: Oscar Muller, Sabine Stromsky
Group Account Director: Declan Garvin
Music: Bossa Negre

Volvo XC90 Branding Film

Après le superbe film Volvo – Made by Sweden mettant en scène Zlatan Ibrahimovic, la marque scandinave reprend la parole a l’occasion de l’annonce du nouveau modèle Volvo XC90. Un film inspiré par le climat suédois, pour une voiture construite à partir de matériaux fins. Plus de détails et d’images dans la suite.


Putin Backs Plan to Isolate Russian Internet as Security Measure

Mr. Putin said a plan to isolate the Russian Internet was only intended as a backup security system to keep Russian domains online in a national emergency.

Samsung (Mostly) Sticking with Publicis

samsung storeSamsung’s global review is over, and the news from AdAge isn’t much of a revelation: the company is sticking with Publicis. For the most part.

The significant part of the story imparted by “people familiar with the review” who didn’t talk to us is that the company added W+K and BBH to its very large agency roster — and that Leo Burnett retained its creative duties despite a challenge from Grey.

We didn’t get any tips on this one, and the lips of all related parties were sealed:

“Wieden & Kennedy, BBH and Starcom did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Leo Burnett declined to comment. Representatives from Samsung in South Korea and the U.S. did not return requests for comment.”

It’s been a slow week for tips with Advertising Week occupying everyone’s attention here in New York, but we’re impressed that people made so little noise about the future of such a big account.

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Brand Activation Is A Global Movement

Once upon a time, I lived in Chicago and I spent some time freelancing for Frankel. Bud Frankel was a pioneer in sales promotion, and I thought it was pretty cool to see him walking the halls as Chairman of the firm he founded, led and eventually sold. The sales price in 2000 was estimated […]

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Nestlé Fitness convida você a dar “aquela conferida”

Em tempos como os atuais, em que o culto ao corpo e o feminismo são tão amplamente discutidos, a linha de cereais Nestlé Fitness lança uma campanha de conscientização pela prevenção ao câncer de mama.

A ideia parte de um princípio simples, comum não só em terras brasileiras: quando uma mulher decide mostrar um pouco mais o corpo, as pessoas olham. E ao colocar uma minicâmera escondida no top da atriz, podemos conferir diversos olhares curiosos. Alguns discretos, outros nem um pouco, alguns de inveja, outros quase por acaso, e por aí vai.

Quem é mulher já está, de certa forma, acostumada a lidar com essas “conferidas” diárias, e até aí o vídeo não traz nenhuma novidade. O interessante é justamente o questionamento sobre a forma como a própria mulher lida com seu corpo, o quanto ela se preocupa com a saúde, além da forma. Daí o convite ao autoexame.

O vídeo com o making-of está aí abaixo:


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Top 100 Tech Ideas in October – From Sleek Smartphone Cameras to Robotic Vehicle Valets (TOPLIST)

( The top October 2014 tech trends very accurately represent the exciting past month technology and its related industries experienced. In the tech world, September is always dominated by Apple…

Wednesday Odds and Ends

-Subway wants to know if you’re in shape for Halloween in this spot by Boston’s MMB (video above).

-Five things IAB’s Randall Rothenberg thinks you should know about digital advertising.

-The Global Awards has launched the Young Globals competition and internship program in honor of its 20th anniversary.

-Here are The Drum‘s top picks for Advertising Week tomorrow.

-The Webby Awards announced its 2014 Trend of the Year.

-Facebook promises to update “real name” policy, apologizes to affected users.

-Smokey Bear and “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” were inducted into the Advertising Week Walk of Fame.

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BETC and Andy’s Recreate 1984 in 007-Style Peugeot Spot

On a day filled with short film commercials, here’s a spot recycling/paying tribute to an earlier Peugeot ad by French agency BETC.

We weren’t familiar with the 1984 original “Bombardier”; because it’s all French, David Hasselhoff, Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds are conspicuously absent.

The real star here is the post-production team: the release tells us that 90 percent of the film is, in fact, 3D animation.

And here we thought the bold stuntmen really did chase the new 208 GTi in a combat helicopter.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

Ahli United Bank: Gergean box

To engage children in knowing more about banking.

Advertising Agency: Horizon FCB, Kuwait
Creative Director: Richard Halabi
Art Director / Copywriter: Ahmad Ragab
Graphic designer: Ashraf Youssef
Photographer: Amador Caceres
Senior Account Manager: Mazen Alhammouri
Published: August 2014

Toyota: Moving out

Advertising Agency: MMB, Boston, USA
Creative Directors: Fred Bertino, Jerry Cronin, Jamie Mambro
Art Director: Jim O’Brien
Copywriter: Brian Hayes
Director: Rosey
Production Company: Radical Media
Editor: Reuter
Editorial Company: EditBar
Published: September 2014

Strongbow Seeks Bite of Cider Growth With New TV Ads

Nearly two years after gaining U.S. distribution rights for Strongbow hard cider, Heineken USA is putting the brand on TV in hopes of fueling growth in the newly crowded category.

The national TV campaign, by Droga5, is called “Cider at its Bestest,” and will be supported by “significant” spending, said Charles van Es, the importer’s senior director for global brands.

“The cider category is absolutely on fire over the last 18 months,” he said. But “we’ve got some significant competition,” he added, citing Boston Beer Co.’s Angry Orchard and new brands from MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev. “We definitely don’t want to be left behind. And we feel like we have a great story to tell and television is a fantastic medium to get a lot of people to see your message.”

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