Modular Sofa Seating – The Switch Sofa Transforms its Look at the Blink of an Eye (GALLERY)

( Gus* Modern’s modular sofa design lets users transform its look at the drop of a hat. Named ‘Switch Sofa’, the cushioned couch changes its appearance when its cushions are reversed….

75 Quirky Cardboard Designs – From Creative Corrugated Chairs to Eco-Conscious Taxidermy (TOPLIST)

( These quirky cardboard designs are a great source of inspiration to infuse your household with some eco-friendly flair. Not only are these pieces made from sustainable materials—and therefore…

Provocatively Surreal Editorials – The Toiletpaper Gang is Back with an Editorial for Dazed Magazine (GALLERY)

( Photographer Maurizio Cattelan, art director Mico and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari make up ‘Toiletpaper,’ the creative collective behind Toiletpaper Magazine. The trio is fascinated by…

Luxurious Seaside Wonderlands – This Gorgeous Seaside Property Takes Advantage of the Views (GALLERY)

( Blankpage Architects was responsible for designing the ‘Amchit Residence,’ a gorgeous seaside property located in Nahr el Mot, Lebanon.

The architects used the home’s perch on…

Animalistic Fruit Hybrids – Animal Food by Sarah DeRemer Combines Critters with Vegetables (GALLERY)

( In her fun series called Animal Food, Sarah DeRemer cleverly combines food like fruits and vegetables with live animals to create delicious hybrids. Shet used Photoshop to hybridize and manipulate…

TV Sports: World Series Is Over, but Fox Crew Still Has a Ways to Go

Fox’s three-man booth had plenty of voices, but sometimes struggled to say the right thing.

M&C Saatchi Launches "Penny 4 London" with Major Boris London

M&C Saatchi launched the world’s first city-wide contactless payment giving scheme called ‘Penny for London.’ It’s a new donation scheme allowing Londoners to donate as little as 1p every time they make a payment. The campaign was launched by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Can’t get more convenient than that, ands all for a good cause, too.



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Dewar's "Life True Profiles" (2014) 2:27 (UK)

Whisky brand Dewar’s dropped this video featuring San Francisco-based artist Zio Ziegler, demonstrating his talent as well as definition of a “Live True” attitude.



Kabbage "Sad Clown" (2014) 2:22 (USA)

To promote Kabbage, the company who provides small business loans online, featuring Puddles The Clown.



Road Safety Association of Indonesia Public Service: Texting can kill

Outdoor, Print
Road Safety Association of Indonesia

A reminder that some ignorance behavior can lead to kill.

Advertising Agency:Personal Project
Creative Director:Apip Fajar Siddiq
Art Director:Dimas Agung
Copywriter:Apip Fajar Siddiq
Illustrator:Faddy Ravydera

Q20: Screw, Bolt, Lock


Advertising Agency:M&C Saatchi Abel, South Africa
Executive Creative Directors:Nick Liatos, Mick Shepard
Art Director:Jürgen Freese
Illustrator:Jürgen Freese

Skol Beer: Even drinking it all you could not forget

Outdoor, Print

Even drinking it all you could not forget. Skol. The most reminded beer for the 21st straight time.

Advertising Agency:Box Comunicação, Goiânia, Brazil
Creative Director:Bruno Lopes
Art Director:Jesus Araújo J.
Copywriter:Larissa Ramos
Illustrator:Jesus Araújo J.

Instituto Doe Seu Lixo: This is not an example of recycling

Instituto Doe Seu Lixo

Campaign created for the Instituto Doe Seu Lixo, which mission is to ” reduce the environmental impacts caused by waste disposal performed incorrectly, encouraging citizen awareness regarding “waste”, citizenship and sustainability. The 3 ads show the significance of correctly disposing trash and not harming the environment or other people.

Advertising Agency:Miami Ad School/ESPM, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Art Director:Igor Freitas
Copywriter:Alvaro Guimarães

Alifresh oral spray: Leave no evidence


Advertising Agency:GC Herrera, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Director:Byron Salazar
Art Director:Kléver Mendoza
Illustrator:Kléver Mendoza

Amnesty International: Sounds from torture

Amnesty International

In a call for help for the cause “Stop Torture”, Amnesty International Portugal built a musical instrument from several instruments used in torture methods. The goal is to help the victims of torture and abuse to be heard, amplifying these sounds so everyone would listen. At, it’s possible to test the instrument and sign the petition.


Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett, Lisbon, Portugal
Executive Creative Director:Luciana Cani
Creative Director:Steve Colmar
Head Of Art:Nuno Salvaterra
Art Director:Leonardo Pinheiro
Copywriters:Jaime Nascimento, Raul Palhares
Digital Production:Nuno Frade
Audiovisual Producer:Hugo Lage
Sound Designer:Emanuel Serôdio
Production Direction:Cristina Almeida
Direction and editing:Hugo Lage
Director Of Photography:Henrique Serra
Electricians:Rui Lobato, Marco Oliveira
Studio and Lighting:Grupo Nova Imagem
Photography:Cristóvão, Exposed Image
Sound Capture:Skills Studio
Audio postproduction:Dizplay

Cinéma Excentris: Excentris Online

Outdoor, Print
Cinema Excentris

A series of 6 posters created to promote the new “on demand” functionalities of, a Montréal theatre that presents and promotes independent movies. The headline says “Excentris online”, the name of the on demand service. The small copy describes the different ways you can actually watch on demand cinema: at all time, in the city you want and at any place you want. The imagery is a tribute to cinematographic iconography.

Advertising Agency:Couleur locale inc, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director:Dominique Trudeau
Copywriter:Sébastien Tougas
Art Director:Sébastien Lépine

Don de Hacer: If you kill a tree, you kill more than one life

Don de Hacer

If you kill a tree, you kill more than one life.
October 18th Global Nature Protection Day.

Advertising Agency: Room 23, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Adrian Alonso
Art Directors:Tach Maeshiro, Jorge Gianino
Copywriters: Gonzalo Lagos, María Gutiérrez
Account Executive:Nicolás Gutiérrez
Photographer:Diego Tassara

Euroidiomas: Leave Subtitles Behind


Advertising Agency:LIQUID, Lima, Peru
Creative Director:Miguel Castro
Head Of Art:Serggio Figueroa
Art Director:Miguel Cueva
Copywriters:Romy Dominguez, Cesar Espinoza, Paulo Castro
Multimedia:Cesar Espinoza, Christian Ronceros, Yul Bocanegra
Technology:Christian Chang, Jim Peñaloza
Media & Analytics:Christian Bussalleu, Alex Gordillo

Hootsuite Media: Social media doesn't have to be scary


Creative Director:Briony Crane
Designer:Jason Esteban
Copywriter:Evan LePage
Photographer:Alastair Bird
Digital Retoucher:Steve Pinter
Hair & Makeup:Jessica Langedyk, Marie-Helene Babin
Art Director:Briony Crane
Social Strategy:Evan LePage, Jamie Stein, Andy Au

Sanlam: One Rand Man


Advertising Agency:King James Group, Cape Town, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer:Alistair King
Executive Creative Directors:Matt Ross, Devin Kennedy
Creative Director:Michael Wilson
Art Director:Cameron Watson
Digital Creative Director:Dan Pinch
Digital Art Director:Hayley More
Digital Content Manager:Anna Fourie
Copywriter:Michael Wilson
Producer:Kathi Jones, Will Nicholson
Account Directors:SherileeCook, Taryn Walker
Production Company:Arcade
Director:Robert Smith
Editor:Robert Smith
Sound Studio:Pressure Cooker