Publicis London Names New ECD

Publicis 133, Wim Wenders Pay Homage to Classic Italian Cinema for Persol

These Funny Retirement Ads Remind You That, Man, You're Already Old as Hell

The older you get, the more pressing is your need to prepare for retirement. And lord, you’re getting old in a hurry.

That’s the sad-but-funny truth behind this comical UBS campaign from Publicis Switzerland. Subtle and nicely shot, with some pleasantly understated acting, the five spots are relatable in a pathetic sort of way.

They should age well, which is more than we can say for you.

UBS (Client), Publicis Switzerland (Agency), Thomas Wildberger (Chief Creative Officer), Peter Brönnimann (Creative Director), Andreas Hornung, Urs Schrepfer, Thomas Schöb (Copywriting), Christoph Trittibach, Bruce Roberts (Art Direction), Cem van der Schaar (Agency Producer), Wim Roelfs, Tiago Dias, Massimo Giannotta (Digital), Pascal Schaub, Christian Brütsch, Beat Huber (Account Management).

Pumpkin (Production Company), Kasper Wedendahl (Director), Tommy Wildner (DOP), Simon Borch (Editor), Adrian Aurelius (Sound), Sonja Brand, Claudia Brand (Producer).

UBS Switzerland (Client), Dr. Daniel Fischer (Head Marketing), Daniela Ciotto (Head Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Markus Egloff, Manuela Rüegg (Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Daniel Hünebeck (Head Client Dialogue Management), Mirela Jusic (Client Dialogue Management).

Publicis, Poke Ask Life’s Questions for UBS

Chris Foster Joins Publicis as Senior Vice President, Global Clients

Samsung Adds Deutsch to Agency Roster

Joel McHale Mouths Off for T-Mobile

Joel McHale Chooses Wisely for T-Mobile

Publicis Worldwide Has a New Logo

new publicis

Publicis Worldwide today unveiled a new official logo designed to resemble a sign that its founder created for the front door of his Paris office way back in 1927(!).

The new Publicis Worldwide logo is based on the sign on the door of founder Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet’s first office.

— Publicis N. America (@PublicisNA) June 11, 2015

From the blog post explaining the new look:

“The new Publicis Worldwide identity borrows from the past but intentionally incorporates modern characteristics including symmetry and simplicity, while maintaining the iconic Lion head of Publicis Worldwide. The refreshed design will see the network take a step in distinguishing its branding from that of the holding company, Publicis Groupe, headed up by Chairman & CEO Maurice Lévy.”

As noted in the post, the classic Publicis Groupe lion remains as regal as ever.

We still have no official word on the current status of what was once called Publicis Kaplan Thaler, though all signs point to the agency merging into Publicis North America/New York. For example, its former Twitter feed now leads here:

pkt tweets

…and its former web address takes us to an error page adorned with the same design and color as the new logo.

PKT oops

Publicis Indonesia Celebrates ‘Urban Hero’ for Garnier Men

Publicis Indonesia launched a new spot promoting L’Oreal Garnier Men featuring actor Joe Taslim (Fast & Furious 6, The Raid Redemption) squaring off in a parkour battle against a motor cyclist played by Pasha of the band Ungu.

For the 60-second spot, entitled “Urban Hero,” Publicis Indonesia teamed up with Seven Sunday Films and director iClaudius. The ad promotes L’Oreal Garnier Men’s face wash as an antidote to damaged skin caused by exposure to sun and pollution with an action-packed parkour sequence. It connects Taslim’s performance with the product, with each championed as an “Urban Hero” for overcoming difficult obstacles. The connection is tenuous at best, provided by voiceover touting the product’s benefits and the winner of the parkour contest receiving the product as a reward, and plays more as a rationale for a spot with Taslim’s star power. The video is hosted on a campaign site, which includes a behind the scenes look at the making of the ad, maps of the race and product info.

“We loved working with Seven SundayFilms — they were professional, organized and nothing was left undone,” said Publicis Indonesia CEO Ben Lightfoot, in a statement. They were a great source for outside experiences and talent, bringing a new and unique understanding of Indonesian advertising while maintaining international quality production.”


Client: L’Oreal, Garnier Indonesia
Agency:Publicis Indonesia
Director: iClaudius
DOP: Sven Lippold
Production Company: Seven Sunday Films
Executive Producers: Rodney & Ajeng Vincent

We Hear: PKT Rebrands as Publicis New York?

publicis NA

This week we hear that Publicis Kaplan Thaler, born when Kaplan Thaler and Publicis New York merged in 2012, has nearly completed its rebranding and will soon go by either Publicis North America or its original name.

We don’t have much in the way of details because Publicis has not responded to our queries. The rumor has been floating around for some time, though. In late 2014, we received a series of tips claiming that the agency’s three offices would consolidate into the location at 1675 Broadway, that an official name change would follow, and that staffing shakeups were in the works.

The last part turned out to be accurate: three weeks after that post ran, President and CCO Rob Feakins stepped down. He has not yet been replaced, and Publicis never directly responded to questions about the rest of the story.

The best evidence we have to indicate that the renaming rumor is true: on PKT’s official Publicis homepage, the “click to learn more” link (as well as the original URL) now leads right back to Publicis NA. The official Publicis North America Twitter account has also begun using the #PublicisNewYork tag again for the first time since late 2012, right after the initial merger.

All signs indicate that the office–whatever its official name–will continue to be “the U.S. flagship agency for the Publicis worldwide network,” which recently won Cadillac.

Tether Poaches Two CDs from Publicis

Seattle-based independent creative agency Tether rounded out its creative leadership team with the additions of Hart Rusen as advertising creative director and Bill Allen as interactive creative director. Both join the agency from Publicis Seattle.

Rusen spent six years at Publics Seattle as a senior vice president and group creative director, working with clients including T-Mobile, KEXP and the Seattle Symphony. Prior to joining Publicis in May of 2009 he spent over four years as an associate creative director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, where his clients included Doritos, Cheetos, Hyundai, Budweiser, HP and Comcast. The San Diego State University grad has also worked with Cole & Weber, Moffatt/Rosenthal and R/West.

Allen spent over four years with Publicis Seattle as a creative director, during which time his clients included T-Mobile, KEXP, Les Schwab and the Experience Music Project. Prior to joining Publicis he spent around two years as interactive director with BooneOakley, working with clients such as Bojangles, Mizuno USA, and the Charlotte Bobcats. That followed a stint of almost three years as an associate creative director at 22squared, with clients such as Florida’s Natural, Buffalo Wild Wings and Lincoln Financial Group.

“At Tether clients benefit from teams that understand how brand strategy and design, immersive digital experiences and ad campaigns can build on each other to foster growth,” explained Rusen. “Brand affinity requires  more than great advertising; it takes a solid brand foundation that compels consumers to feel joy, and ideally spread positive word, with every engagement.”

The Trick Copy on These Clever Ads Shows Another Side to Homelessness

Here’s a clever outdoor campaign from Publicis London for the homelessness charity Depaul that manages to tell two different stories with the same copy.

The ads are being placed on corners, with text on each side. If you read only the left side, the copy is all about the negative ideas people have about giving up a spare room to a homeless youth. But reading them in full, the ads actually argue for the benefits of volunteering.

“There’s another side to the story,” says the tagline.

Click the images below to enlarge.

Conceptually, the campaign is quite similar to BBDO New York’s award-winning ads for BBC America back in 2007. Those ads, also placed around corners, showed two sides of the same photo, with the tagline: “See both sides of the story.”

The clever use of text differentiates this new effort, though it will always be likened to the BBC work. See more from the campaign, plus credits, below.

Client: Depaul
Agency: Publicis London
Executive Creative Director: Andy Bird
Creative Director: Paul Mason
Art Director: Dan Kennard
Copywriter: Ben Smith
Head of Art and Design: Andy Breese
Designer: Dave Stansfield
Photographer: Mark Wesley
Account Manager: Tom Froggett
Head of Operations: Debbie Burke
Agency Producers: Steve McFarlane, Ed Page, Greg Collier
Art Buyers: Sarah Clifford, Claire Lillis

T-Mobile Unveils ‘Pets Unleashed’

T-Mobile launched an online ad for April Fool’s Day, presumably from agency of record Publicis, entitled “Pets Unleashed.”

In the ad, the wireless “uncarrier” presumes to let you “add your cat, dog, ferret, turtle or, heck, your alpaca” to your family plan for just $5 a month. After introducing the offer, the spot claims “Your carrier hates puppies. So #@$% them and switch to T-Mobile.” They then extend the joke by claiming to offer new pet-friendly apps, like Fetch Freedom, FitPet and Pet Tinder. At one point, a horse even appears to be watching zebra porn (accompanied by the small text: “Zebra porn not included. Consult stable manager for appropriate use.”) In addition to the goofy spot, there’s also a fake press release on T-Mobile’s site, and a “Pets Unleashed” page, proving the brand went all-in on the gag.

This Beautiful PSA From Spain About Embracing Life Keeps You Guessing Until the End

A new Spanish PSA from Publicis wants you love life, and not ruin it entirely.

Hang picture frames, go running through the woods, get a tattoo, play rugby or hang out on a mattress somewhere. There’s plenty to keep you occupied—and away from darker choices—says the ad, which in some ways recalls the vibe of Puma’s “After Hours Athlete” and Levi’s “Go Forth” work.

The moralistic kicker, necessary as it may be, doesn’t seem ideal—and could turn teenagers off. Also, the spot might miscalculate just how many free hours kids can have to waste. But hopefully the message gets through anyways.

Directors: Marc Corominas, Lorena Medina
Client: FAD
Agency: Publicis
DOP: Oriol Vila
Art Director: Oian Arteta
Wardrobe: Ana Morera
Makeup: Oona Napier
Head of Production: Marta Antón
Head of Postproduction: Tamara Díaz
Assistant Director: Israel Marco
Production Team: Carles Pequerul, Ángela Puig-Pey, David Bello, María Asensio, Ana Terrero, Andrià Nebot, Eli Apezteguia, Sivila Arimany
Camera and Photography Team: Agnes Corbera (DOP assistant), Sergio Santana (Camera Assistant), Pablo Lagos (Camera Assistant), Moncho Bartroli (Electrics Head)
Warbrobe Team: Andrea Pi Sunyer (Assistant Wardrobe)
Art Team: Alexandra Jordana (Art Assistant), Cristina Hontiyuelo (Props), Anna Auquer (Props)
Rental Cars: Quadis
Travel Agency: IEST
Postproduction Coordination: Metropolitana

Publicis Continues to ‘Dare Greatly’ for Cadillac

Last week, Cadillac released the online version of Publicis’ “Arena,” the first ad for the brand’s new “Dare Greatly” campaign as well as the first spot from Publicis since winning the account in December, while promising several more ads in the campaign would debut during the Oscars.

Well, now those spots are in, giving a more clear picture of the “Dare Greatly” campaign and Publicis’ strategy to attempt to revitalize the struggling brand. The newly-released ads follow the same kind of philosophy as the first, but tie it more directly to the brand. While “Arena” notably didn’t feature a Cadillac, the Cadillac CT6 is (eventually) featured in the new ads.

In “The Daring: No Regrets” Publicis and Cadillac bring in a host of innovators, such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, fashion designer Jason Wu and Boyhood director Richard Linklater (a nice move for an ad making its debut during the Oscars, given his nomination). The spot makes statements beginning with “How dare…” to show how “Only those who dare drive the world forward,” tying them to the brand with the line, “How dare a 112-year-old carmaker reinvent itself as the CT6 is finally revealed. Also notable is that, like “Arena,” the ad makes extensive use of shots of New York, Cadillac’s new home. Other spots examine the individuals highlighted in “The Daring: No Regrets” more closely, such as the 30-second efforts for Wu and Wozniak below.

It’s clear that Publicis is taking a more image-driven approach, attempting to manufacture a certain philosophy for the brand that will appeal to a younger crowd, rather than emphasizing the selling points of the vehicle itself. “Luxury brands don’t sell products, they sell dreams,”  Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus told The Wall Street Journal. “People need to find Cadillac inspiring and having a spirit and attitude, a clear point of view.”

Publicis Launches ‘Dare Greatly’ for Cadillac

Publicis is launching its first campaign for Cadillac, following winning the account in December, with a 90-second spot entitled “Dare Greatly.”

The spot quotes a passage from Theodore Roosevelt‘s “Citizenship in a Republic” speech, delivered by a female narrator over slow-motion footage of New York City (Cadillac announced it is moving its global headquarters from Detroit to New York back in September). “Dare Greatly” marks a stark departure from the brand’s previous advertising, worlds away from the dreadfully xenophobic, willfully ignorant “Poolside” spot Rogue delivered last year before losing the account. In a surprising move (which we’re sure our readers will have a thing or two to say about), the ad doesn’t even show a Cadillac, instead relying on Roosevelt’s words to define the brand’s values. The spot, which will be cut into 30 and 60-second versions for its appearance during the Academy Awards, breaks a large campaign for the brand. According to Adweek, two other spots for Cadillac will also run during the program, “at least one of which shows a car.”

Tuesday Odds and Ends

-LEMZ launched a digital campaign for IKEA Netherlands featuring a set of emoticons for iPhone and Android (video above).

-Miller Lite was named the official title sponsor for Bellator MMA events in 2015.

-Publicis, VivaKi, Mediaocean and Merkle join Facebook’s Atlas ad network.

-Epoch Films added Emily Kai Bock to its directorial roster.

-San Francisco-based agency Ready State has named Elaine Choi to be its newest marketing partner.

-Nectar Omnichannel Marketing (nectarOM), “a software company specializing in personalization and omnichannel marketing” named Bryon Morrison as president.

-Independent agency Palisades MediaGroup promoted Laura Jean Bracken to the newly created position of president, COO.

-Data-driven dynamic ad platform Jivox has teamed up with Merkley + Partners and TVGla to produce a “Best Practices Playbook” for data-driven ad campaigns.

Wednesday Odds and Ends

Amy Schumer and Anna Kendrick meet in this promo for the MTV Movie Awards (video above).

-Kindercare Learning Centers selected Publicis Seattle as its agency of record.

Paul Greco, director of music and radio at JWT New York, was named chair of the AMP Awards advisory board.

-Ryder System, Inc., “a leader in commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions,” named CP+B its advertising agency of record.

The AD Club of New York named Stefan Apswoude and Willem Droog as winners of the 2014 Young Innovators Award.

-Durham-based agency The Republik has been named agency of record for supply chain firm FHI.

Stevie Benjamin is joining Target as vice president of media strategy.

Publicis Wishes You ‘Merry Beeping Christmas from Oral-B’

Publicis London turns to beeped out cursing in its irreverent holiday ad for Oral-B, entitled, “Merry Beeping Christmas from Oral-B.”

The spot opens on a woman stepping on an angel ornament while tip-toeing around the house barefoot carrying presents. She lets out a few bleeped out choice words, and quickly we’re on our way to the next profanity-inducing situation. These scenarios run the gamut from ugly sweaters to cooking accidents and trouble with the lights but each result in an expected torrent of profanity. The ad ends with the tagline “At least you don’t have to worry about your smile,” accompanied by the Oral-B logo. It may be a bit of a stretch, but tying oral care to the holidays isn’t the easiest proposition in the world and the spot is fun and clever enough to fit in with other cheeky holiday ads we’ve seen this year from brands in the UK. (more…)

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