Vodafone: Broken conversation, 1

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Tutor: Savina Mokreva
Art Director: Angela Tien-Hui Lai
Published: September 2015

Vodafone: Broken conversation, 3

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Tutor: Savina Mokreva
Art Director: Angela Tien-Hui Lai
Published: September 2015

Adele Shatters Music Industry Truisms by Going Against the Grain

A full-figured, 27-year-old mother who pretty much ignores social media is selling more albums than anyone the sagging music business thought was still possible.

67 Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers – From Cocktail Recipe Glasses to Woven Whiskey Trolleys (TOPLIST)

(TrendHunter.com) These gift ideas for whiskey lovers are sure to make any bourbon connoisseur smile. From glassware to cocktail kits, whiskey lovers are sure to enjoy one of these products this holiday season….

Buy Nothing Day 2015

Attention Culture Jammers!

Financial markets are gyrating wildly again, our climate destiny is up for grabs in Paris this December and the war on terror feels like it’s escalating towards World War 3 … this is the perfect moment to make sense of the world by going on a 24-hour consumer fast this Black Friday.

Consumer capitalism lives or dies on how much we consume, so one of the most radical actions you can take is to buy nothing.

Since the early 1990s, Buy Nothing Day has inspired personal and collective action worldwide against a future that does not compute. It’s not just about changing your habits for one day, it is about rediscovering what it means to break free.

This Black Friday, remember that an object will never make you happy. It might for a few minutes, maybe even days, but in the end your experiences are all you’ve got. So this year why not get your family together and do something wildly different. Turn-off Cyber Thursday. Ignore Black Friday. Try buying almost nothing for Christmas and you might experience the most meaningful holiday season you’ve ever had.

And if you’re feeling feisty, then go poster a mall with counter-consumer mindbombs. Do a #PopeWalk. A Whirly Mart. A credit card cutup. Hold up a big funhouse mirror to the post-contemporary shopping frenzy!

Join millions of us in over 60 countries on November 27/28 for Buy Nothing Day and see what it feels like to take a stand.

Buy nothing, experience everything!

#buynothingday #buynothingxmas #popewalk

Find out more ways to take action at adbusters.org/bnd.

For the wild,

Adbusters HQ

Read more on Adbusters.org


Collapsible Bathtubs – The 'XTEND' Portable Bathtub by Carina Deuschl is Impossibly Thin in Design (GALLERY)

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100 Gifts for the Girlfriend – From Woolen Touch Screen Gloves to Small Batch Beauty Products (TOPLIST)

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Vodafone: Terry the turkey

Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Vicki Maguire
Creative Director: Matt Doman
Creative: Howard Green
Account Team: Eleni Sarla, Sophie Fredheim, Lucy Kozak, Josh Adley, Kristina Bugeja
Agency Producers: Marcus Eley, Sophie Paton
Creative Producer: Giselle Sambrook-Smith
Planners: Amy Witter, Searsha Sadek
Production Company: Thomas Thomas Films
Director: Kevin Thomas
Editor: Scott Crane
Producer: Trent Simpson
DOP: Bob Pendar-Hughes
Post-production: GPS
Soundtrack: ‘Flying Without Wings’ by Westlife
Audio post-production: 750 MPH

Instituto E: Wave

Advertising Agency: OM.art, Brazil
Production Company: Paranoid
Executive Producers: Egisto Betti, Heitor Dhalia
Director: 300ml
Producers: Luiz Armesto, Bia Caldas
DoP: Felipe Heinheimer
Production Designer: Marlise Storchi
Editors: Breno Moreira, Rami D’Aguiar
Make-up Artist: Inês Moura
First AD: Xaxa Sampaio
Post Production: Andrea Lopes
Post House: Clan VFX
Color Correction: Bleach Films
Colorist: Sergio Pasqualino
Music: Zoë Keating
Track: Escape Artist
Album: Into the Trees
Music Producer: Dudu Marote

Climate Change is in our hands

Between theNovember 30th and December 12th, and the 12th COP21 will meet in Paris to talk about the climate change crisis. To make a point that we’re all responsible for it, that climate change it is in our hands, BETC created an outdoor campaign featuring portraits of different people holding mirrors that reflect the sky. In other words, climate change is in their hands.

Boursin: The heist of the century

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Paris, France

Kit Kat: Black Friday

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London, UK
Executive creative director: Russell Ramsey
Creative director: Dave Dye
Creatives: James Hobbs, Jeremy Little
Business director: Gillian Milner
Senior account director: Paola Natellis
Account manager: Charlotte Humphries

Weapon of mass reproduction / La vérité doit exploser

Norton / Symantec 2011
Source : OneShow BRONZE

Agency : Leo Burnett Chicago (USA)
Infoadex 2015
Source : Anuncios

Agency : Parnaso Sevilla (Spain)

Canon / Lifecake: Me and my bear

Advertising Agency: Razorfish, USA
Eecutive Creative Director: Nick Turner
Creative Directors: Sarra Collins, Stephanie Hamill
Producer: Annie Vu
Senior Account Director: Menage
Producer: Rich Moore / UNIT9
Post-Producer: Harry Starkey-Midha
Production Manager: Erinn Fitzgerald
Director of Photography: Carl Burke
Focus Puller: Job Reineke
2nd AC: Chris Rogers
1st AD: Dan Gibling
2nd AD: Daniel Castro
Runners: Brook Driver, Corey Marsh, Jo Snelling, Callum Begley
Gaffer: Yurandi Poots
Electrician: Sunny Singh
Production Designer: Sarah Jenneson
Art Director: Joe Withers
Props Assistants: Max Bradley, Ezra Piers-Mantel
Set Decorator: Lizzie Bardwell
Wardrobe Stylist: Grace Snell
Hair & Make Up Stylist: Layla Mehmedagi
Make Up Assistant: Monica Storrs
Medic: Simon Lee, Keith George
Catering: Honey & Thyme
Editor / DIT: Alex Burt
Graphic Designer: Jakub Wesolowski
Grade: Smoke and Mirrors
Colourist: Dan Moran
Sound Design: Jon Clarke / Factory UK

Evolution People New Media Agency: Endangered Billboards

Outdoor, Print
Evolution People

Evolution People is an agency that deals exclusively with digital projects. To promote it we created a billboard campaign that makes fun of the choosen media, presenting it as an endangered communication media.

Advertising Agency:Hi! Comunicazione, Milan, Italy
Creative Director:Emilio Haimann, Stefano Colombo
Art Director:Mattia Rivetti
Copywriter:Simone Romani
Photographer:Matteo Tranchellini

Braincast 174 – Os 20 anos de “Toy Story”


O legado da trilogia que definiu um novo parâmetro tecnológico e de storytelling para animações

> LEIA MAIS: Braincast 174 – Os 20 anos de “Toy Story”

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Friday Morning Stir

-Publicis Conseil launched “Réinventons Noël” for Orange (video above).

-Southpaw planner Tom Primrose explores “Why ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ can help marketers understand Generation K.”

-British Gas’ Hive is launching a major marketing push as its expands beyond smart thermostats.

-The Drum examines “How brands including Starbucks, Walt Disney World, Mini and more celebrated #Thanksgiving.”

-Fanmoji founder Tim Webber says “The UK Needs UK needs to up its emoji game.”

-Google plans to share shopper location data with advertisers on Black Friday.

-IBM’s Benchmark survey revealed Thanksgiving e-commerce sales were up. but the average spend per order was down.

-JWT London created a Black Friday ad for Kit Kat that fits the brand’s message to “Have a Break” into a barcode.

Thousands Protest Arrest of 2 Turkish Journalists on Spying Charges

Can Dundar, the editor in chief of the newspaper Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gul, its Ankara bureau chief, were charged with divulging state secrets and being members of a terrorist group.

OTTO: Christmas is inside of us all

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels
Managing Director: Maik Richter
Creative Directors: Sabina Hesse, Ricardo Distefan
Client Service Director: Julia Bubenik
Copywriter: Lisa Yvonne Heimgartner
Art Directors: Albert Chan, Julian Ortlieb
Account Service: Francisca Maier, Sina Maria Heimann
Agency Producer: Alexander Münzer
Production Company: Stink
Executive Producer: Julian Holland
Production / Postproduction: Psyop

80 Retro Gift Ideas – From Portable Vintage Speakers to 80s Landline Telephones (TOPLIST)

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These nostalgic gift ideas take…