Saatchi, Team One to Open Shop in Texas for Toyota and Lexus

Publicis Groupe’s Saatchi & Saatchi and its agency Team One will be opening offices in Dallas for Toyota and Lexus.

The move is a way to ensure that Publicis Groupe keeps the decades-long accounts after news broke in April that Toyota was moving its U.S. sales and marketing headquarters to Plano, Tex., from Torrance, Calif. Most of Toyota’s 5,000 Torrance-based employees will be affected, and the move will take about two years to complete.

Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus are handled out of the Saatchi and Team One offices in the Los Angeles area, and Saatchi’s sole client in Los Angeles is Toyota.

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Barnes & Noble, in Reversal, Will Stay in the Bronx

Executives said the bookstore in the Bay Plaza in Co-op City will remain open for at least two more years.

CBS Says James Corden Will Start as ‘Late Late Show’ Host in March

The British comedian is succeeding Craig Ferguson, who ends his 10-year run on Dec. 19. In between, there will be guest hosts.

Doubts Raised About New Streaming Services as Comcast Reports Rise in Earnings

Stephen Burke, the NBCUniversal C.E.O., said he was surprised by announcements last week that HBO and CBS would start subscription streaming services.

DDB California Built This City for Brita Water Filters

It’s pretty fair to assume that people know by now that people know that soft drinks have a lot of sugar in them, yet it’s easy to forget just how much you’re putting into your body. So DDB California found a clever way to visualize the amount of sugar you intake if you drink a soda every day for Brita.

The agency created a model city made entirely of sugar cubes. The spot starts small, by showing the amount of sugar in one soda, before showing what a soda a day for a year, and then a lifetime, looks like. “But you can help change that with a simple choice,” the voiceover says at the conclusion of the spot, “Drink more water — filtered, by Brita.” It’s a really effective way to deliver the message, first taking down sugary drinks and then presenting Brita as the solution, and, beyond that, the sugar cube city is just really cool to look at.

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Thursday Odds and Ends

-GoPro has your 30-seconds of cuteness overload for the day (video above). pulled its “The Absurdity of Haggling” ads after auto dealers threatened to leave the site.

-Coca-Cola names Marcos de Quinto as its new chief marketing officer.

-Agency Anthemic launches in-house publication FLOOD Magazine.

-Long Island-based strategic marketing agency Millennium Communications announced the promotion of Jeff Maldavir to the newly created position of vice president, client communications.

-Creative editorial and content production house Hybrid opened its new Southwest location in Austin, Texas.

-Minneapolis agency Colle+McVoy uses free beer to get people to fill out their timesheets.

-The entry deadline for The 19th Annual Webby Awards is tomorrow, October 24th.

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Agency Gives You Free Beer for Filling Out Your Timesheets, Because Nothing Else Ever Works

The industry is rapidly changing, but one thing remains the same: Literally the only thing that gets agency people to fill out their timesheets consistently is free beer.

The latest example comes from Minneapolis, where Colle+McVoy has built a wondrous machine called the TapServer—a “multi-keg beer deployment system” that uses RFID and custom-written software to verify whether you’ve stopped being a lazy git, finished your timesheets and earned your free pint. (According to the agency, the technology used includes “several Arduinos, a Node-based server, solenoids and a Raspberry Pi.” For all we know, so could the beer.)

Check out more pics below. And yes, similar things have been done before, including the beer fridge at JWT agency Casa in Brazil that unlocks only when timesheets are done.

Admel 2014 – Opening Titles

Pour la troisième fois, le studio Breeder a été invité à réaliser la vidéo des titres d’overture de la Creative Conférence organisé par Analogue/Digital en Australie. Sur une musique de Alabaster, ce motion kaléidoscopique dont le procédé s’inspire des paraboles mathématiques est une exploration des mondes réelles et digitaux. Une volonté de montrer la façon dont ils se heurtent et se mélangent.


Watch the Newest Ads on TV From Victoria's Secret, MasterCard and More

Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week. See the methodology here.

Among the new releases, MasterCard plays up both its ongoing #PricelessSurprises campaign and its new Apple Pay partnership in a spot starring baseball legend George Brett, while Victoria’s Secret shows off a “scandalously sexy bracelet.” And Squarespace brings a 30-second cut of a spot featuring indie musician St. Lucia (aka Jean-Philip Grobler) to national TV — specifically the World Series on Fox. A 90-second version of the ad debuted on YouTube a couple weeks ago.

As always, you can find out more about the making of the best commercials on TV at Ad Age’s Creativity.

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PKT Launches Learning Disability PSA Campaign

Publicis Kaplan Thaler teamed up with the the Advertising Council to launch a PSA campaign for various groups dealing with children’s learning and attention issues.

The campaign is designed to direct parents to the new website, designed to help parents better understand their children’s issues and help them reach their full potential. In one broadcast spot, a man asks Siri, “How can I help my daughter with her reading?” and instead gets results for “Dachsund breeding.” It’s revealed at the end of the 30-second spot that the mistake was intentional:  “…I was trying to show you how Sarah feels every day. Frustrating, isn’t it?” before directing him to Broadcast spots also appear in Spanish-language versions. While comparing problems with voice recognition software to learning and attention issues may be a bit of a stretch, it also should get the attention of parents struggling to understand their kids’ problems in school and get them to the website.

“The crux of the campaign is that understanding is everything,” Larissa Kirschner, a creative director at Publicis Kaplan Thaler, told The New York Times. “Put yourself in children’s shoes and you can truly understand their frustration. We took the cultural phenomenon of Siri, a smartphone not always getting you, as our way in.”

The campaign also includes print, radio, and outdoor elements, as well as a social initiative that includes weekly Twitter chats for parents. The website itself attempts to educate parents through a series of videos and interactive experiences designed to simulate the experiences of children with learning and attention issues. (more…)

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GS&P NYC Wins The New York Post

headless topless

Way back in January 2013, we confirmed rumors that West Coast-friendly GS&P was indeed opening a New York City office — and today the client behind its “first major account” approved the release of the news to the trades. That client is the classic Rupert Murdoch tabloid rag The New York Post.

The agency tells Adweek that the work will include “digital, out-of-home and experiential elements” and that it will debut next month. We’re not exactly sure what that will entail but we’re curious, because we’ve lived in New York for 12 years and the only Post ads we’ve ever seen were subway posters.

The win comes after a headlining shift in May that saw ECD Christian Haas leave the agency; his departure preceded the hiring of agency veteran Nathan Frank and his former partner Paul Caiozzo, who Adweek credits with the pitch.

On a side note, media analysts estimate that the always-unprofitable Post loses anywhere from $20 to $100 million dollars every year.

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Tiny Digital Islands

Porté par son imagination et ses inspirations, l’artiste allemand Tobias Wüstefeld dessine d’extraordinaires villes miniatures en 3D. Il présente son travail à travers des photos où il n’hésite pas à montrer les détails architecturaux, les variations et les subtilités de ses modélisations. À découvrir en images.

Tiny Digital Islands-1
Tiny Digital Islands - 2
Tiny Digital Islands - 2B
Tiny Digital Islands-3
Tiny Digital Islands-4
Tiny Digital Islands-5
Tiny Digital Islands-6
Tiny Digital Islands
Tiny Digital Islands-8
Tiny Digital Islands-9
Tiny Digital Islands-10
Tiny Digital Islands-22
Tiny Digital Islands-12
Tiny Digital Islands-13
Tiny Digital Islands-11
Tiny Digital Islands-14
Tiny Digital Islands-15
Tiny Digital Islands-16
Tiny Digital Islands-17
Tiny Digital Islands-18
Tiny Digital Islands-19
Tiny Digital Islands-20
Tiny Digital Islands-21

Momentum Names Omid Farhang Chief Creative Officer

Momentum Worldwide, part of Interpublic’s McCann Worldgroup, has named Omid Farhang its chief creative officer, the company said. He succeeds Jon Hamm, who was named chief creative officer at Geometry Global last month.

Mr. Farhang, who assumes his new post Nov. 10, spent the first few months of 2014 as chief creative officer of Narrative, Russell Simmons and Tricia Clarke-Stone’s entertainment marketing and technology company. Since March he has been a freelance creative director for companies including McCann. He began his career at Crispin Porter & Bogusky and later became a creative executive at Creative Artists Agency.

Mr. Farhang came recommended by McCann Global Creative Chairman Rob Reilly, a former CP&B colleague. “You’ve got to sprinkle in some of the things you know,” Mr. Reilly said. “Some of the proven talents. The confidence I have in these people is that they know the system that I know.”

Continue reading at Pulls 'Haggling' Ads After Dealer Outcry pulled a series of YouTube ads this afternoon after auto dealers threatened to pull their business from the auto-shopping site. President Seth Berkowitz said in a statement: “Our digital videos illustrating the ‘Absurdity of Haggling’ missed the mark. Some of our partners were deeply insulted, expressing that our attempt at humor reinforced outdated stereotypes. That was obviously never our intent. It has created a distraction from our business of helping to make car shopping easier. We are terminating the videos and getting back to working with our dealer partners to improve the car buying process for car shoppers around the country.”

Ad Age sibling Automotive News reported earlier today that a number of dealers were took issue with the ads, which they claim suggested auto dealers were unethical hagglers. The spots, created by Publicis Kaplan Thaler, show a grocery store clerk trying to negotiate prices of milk, squash and other items with unsuspecting shoppers.

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Amnesty International: Rose

Help us stop Female Genital Mutilation, stop violence against women.

Advertising Agency: Volontaire, Stockholm, Sweden

Rooms, do Facebook, quer organizar assuntos por ‘sala’

O time do Creative Labs do Facebook anunciou hoje a chegada do Rooms, um aplicativo curioso que permite criar ‘salas’ para assuntos que você queira discutir.

O primeiro choque foi que o Facebook não pedia para usar a sua conta na rede social para conectar, o que permite que você simplesmente vá testando o app sem nem mesmo dizer quem é, escolher um login ou algo do tipo.

O funcionamento lembra um pouco os murais do Pinterest: você pode criar uma sala para falar sobre o que quiser. Invente seu assunto, dê uma descrição para a sala e pronto, você tem seu espacinho.

No entanto, para achar outras ‘salas’ para bater papo, você precisa de um convite. Isso mesmo, um convite, que nada mais é que um quadrinho com um QR code ao centro, que permite identificar a sua Room. Quem quiser testar pode começar batendo um papo com a gente lá na Room do B9.



Se quiser achar mais salas, você vai ter que contar com a sorte de cruzar com um desses quadradinhos de convite, ou confiar na curadoria do Facebook nas duas primeiras salas a que ele te dá acesso, e que sugere algumas Rooms que possam te interessar.

Anônimo através de pseudônimos?

Não precisar se identificar é uma novidade que realmente chama a atenção, já que o foco do Facebook sempre foi garantir que não haveriam anônimos ou fakes na conversa. Recentemente, essa política acirrada de nomes deu bastante problema, em especial com pessoas que tem nomes sociais diferentes dos documentos, o que chegou até a dar certa tração (mesmo que pequena) a rede social Ello.

No entanto, não se identificar também cria uma situação esquisita: se depois de criar uma sala e fazer algumas interações você não se cadastrar com seu email, aquelas suas interações se tornam de certa forma “fantasmas” – você não consegue recuperar a administração da sala que criou, por exemplo. Ou, pelo menos, foi isso o que aconteceu nos meus testes.

Em cada sala que você interage, é possível ter um apelido diferente, mas ele não pode ser repetido na mesma sala. Esse critério de não-repetição, contudo, só vale para ‘dentro’ de uma mesma sala, e também é possível criar salas-cópia com bastante facilidade.




O Rooms também oferece diversas opções de personalização da sua sala. Além das modificações mais simples, como dar nome, descrever, escolher imagem e cor de fundo da tela, também é possível trocar a mensagem e o ícone do botão ‘like’. (ou seja, finalmente você vai poder criar seu próprio dislike, ou inventar qualquer brincadeira para incentivar a interação).



Existe a opção de compartilhar um link direto para um determinando conteúdo compartilhado em uma Room, mas os fins parecem ser apenas de visualização, já que não é possível interagir de nenhuma forma. Dá para sentir falta também de uma função embed, mas provavelmente isso deve ser o tipo de opção que só vai ser oferecida se o app entrar no gosto do público. Quem quiser também pode afixar uma mensagem no topo da sua sala, para deixar algum aviso para os membros.

No Twitter já é possível encontrar uma grande variedade de Rooms sobre os mais diversos assuntos, cidades, focos e interesses.



Assim como boa parte dos serviços e apps que surgiram nos últimos anos, não dá para saber ao certo qual é o objetivo do Facebook com o Rooms, ou para quê as pessoas vão utilizá-lo – é sempre bom lembrar que o Twitter surgiu primeiro como uma ferramenta de broadcast da sua vida, e só depois se tornou a atual ‘rede de interesses’. Portanto, vale abrir o app, brincar um pouco, testar formatos de interação e ver se os amigos vão gostar de ir até lá também. O Google+ tá ai de prova que rede social sem os seus amigos não serve para muita coisa.

Considerando a quantidade de customizações oferecidas pelo Facebook, a possibilidade de ser anônimo e do foco em plataforma móvel, sinto cheirinho de inveja do sucesso do Snapchat – alguém mais também pensou que as salas acabam sendo uma versão das ‘Stories’ do Snapchat, só que sem desaparecer?

Rooms é gratuito, mas está disponível apenas para iPhone e na App Store americana, do Reino Unido e em alguns outros países que falam a língua inglesa.

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Will 'King of Magazines' Spin Off Print Unit? Execs 'Not Opposed'

Media companies have been streamlining their businesses by cleaving off underperforming print units from more lucrative TV, film and digital businesses. Just this year, Time Warner spun off magazine division Time Inc., Tribune Company split apart its TV and newspaper businesses and Gannett announced plans to divide TV and print, all following similar moves from other companies in years prior.

But Meredith Corporation, publisher of magazines like Better Homes and Gardens as well as the owner and operator of 15 local TV stations, has not joined the movement. During an investor call Thursday to discuss its most-recent earnings report, an analyst asked Meredith executives whether it would ever follow the trend.

“We are not opposed to it,” said Meredith Chairman and CEO Stephen Lacy. But the Des Moines, Iowa-based company would need to “feel there’s a larger opportunity on one side of the house that would create value for shareholders” instead of just separating for the sake of it, he added.

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For a Cash Reward Could You Remember Your Landline Number?

Landline telephones, surely they’ll be obsolete pretty soon because no one but telemarketers—and possibly your gran—uses them any more. Relish broadband decided to find out just how irrelevant they are and took to the streets of London waving a £50 note around, offering it up to anyone who could dive into their mind and come […]

If You Think You Deserve A Lion, You Probably Deserve A 'Slashie'


In a hilarious send up to the obscene amount of awards in the advertising industry and the ridiculous length of credits connected to those awards, we have The Slashies. Yes, The Slashies. What’s the award for? According to the intro video, “the most tenuous contributions to an ad campaign.

The Slashies honor the really important stuff like The Stapler guy, Presentation Hijacker, Muffin Eater, Script Yoinker, Pizza Orderer and others.

The funniest part? Even the Slashies video has a credit list a mile long of Slashie wannabes. The best one? Crew Tinder Technician.


Creative Team:

Copywriter: Ryan Chiasson
Art Director: Jordan Dunlop

Production Company: FRANK
Director: Brad Dworkin
Executive Producer: Danielle Kappy
Production Manager: Jeremy Sager
Producer: Taryn Mueller
DP: Steve Whitehead
On-Set Sound: Dave Dunlap
Gaffer: Cat Patrichi


Edit House: Married To Giants
Editor: Paul Skinner

Dailies and Colour Grading: Redlab

Audio House: Apollo Studios
Executive Producer: Charlie Janson
Producer/Music Supervisor: Tom Hutch


Erin Tancock
Steven Shanahan
Gaby Makarewicz
Saita Goto
Allison Miceli
Heather MacDonald
Andrew MacPhee
Emma Quiroz
Per Snare
Peter Kosciolek
Karim Tubbeh
Rebecca O’Grady


Chef: Jim Stefano
Line Cook: Gloria Chen
Gluten Eliminator: Andre Petucci
Dishwasher: Rhea Melanson


Cab Driver: Vitaly Krushenko
Cab Dispatcher: Mel Donaldson
Cab Scheduler: Dom Mariota
Bus Driver: Alicia Thompkins

Custodial Staff:

Executive Custodial Technician: Andre Williams
Chief Custodial Technician: Louise Lontro
Associate Custodial Technician: Peter Pisnewski
Director of Custodial Technology: Jim Harrison


Receptionist: Claudia Cantoni
Cab Chit Provider: Steve Gronkowski
Office Goldfish: Goldie
Plaid Coordinator: Tara Bowles
Barista: Louise Pallo
Plumber: Martin Federico
Girl Who Walked By The Set: Emma Sanderson
Morning Bagel Eater: Joe Mayock
Post Shoot Bartender: Amanda Jacobs
Water Delivery Guy: Dane Trucks
Printer Paper Supervisor: Anna Ferguson
Credits Data Entry Technician: Peter Dunlop
Phone Charging Assistant: Jeremy O’Sullivan
Director Of On-Set Instagrams: Alex Campbell
Crew Tinder Technician: Michael Sweet

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Encouraged to Take a Break From NBC News

The medical journalist has finished her 21-day Ebola quarantine, but has been told by the network’s news president to return to work next month.