Tech entrepreneur Tom St John joins john st. to lead digital services

“As clients integrate digital into their marketing to an increasing degree, our expertise and services have had to expand,” says Arthur Fleischmann, President and co-founder of the agency, john st., that he and his partners launched in 2001. “We continue to invest in top digital talent across the agency, so our clients are working with the brightest minds in the industry.”


Is Dove's #SpeakBeautiful Twitter Campaign an 'Egregious Overstep'?

Another Dove campaign positioning the brand as the friend of female self-esteem is being accused of Doing It Wrong. If you missed the Washington Post’s take on Wednesday, which called the new effort an “egregious overstep,” here’s one key bit:

The only purpose of this cooing, of course, is to lull consumers into a sense of intimacy so human, so convincing, that you forget that Dove is actually trying to sell you something; that in fact, Dove only exists on this planet to sell you things, and that Dove’s pursuit of sales occasionally involves behavior you may find offensive and/or unsavory.

Last year Dove took a hit over a campaign that apparently tricked women into believing they were trying medical patches that would make them prettier (all the better to reveal that all they needed was self-esteem). This time the criticism is over Dove tweets sidling up to women who sound down about their bodies to reassure them that they are beautiful.

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45 Unique Ways to Drink Wine – From Snowshoeing Wine Tours to Unlikely Alcohol Pairings (TOPLIST)

( From unconventional pairings to unusual places, these ways to drink wine are definitely not the norm. If you’ve grown tired of quiet nights at home with a fine wine, there are plenty of…

Questlove and Charli XCX Cover Deee-Lite for Target's Summer Style

Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week. See the methodology here.

Among the new releases, Target readies its summer sales season with the help of Questlove and Black Thought of the Roots, along with Charli XCX, who do a cover of Deee-lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart.” (The song was used in another spot that broke during the “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th anniversary special.) Nike features the world’s best golfers — and Charles Barkley — for its new driver. And McDonald’s recruits graffiti artists to spray its heartwarming branding.

As always, you can find out more about the best commercials on TV at Ad Age’s Creativity.

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Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83

In addition to acting, Mr. Nimoy directed films; published poetry, autobiographies and books of photography; and recorded music.

Confusing Dress Colors – The Internet is Perplexed Over the True Hues of a Blue and Black Dress (GALLERY)

( When you look at these images, do you see a blue and black dress, or a white and gold dress? Caitlin McNeill posted a photograph of this frock on her Tumblr page, asking users of the Internet to…

DDB New York Touts Sparkling Tea for Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership

DDB New York launched an ad introducing a new line of sparkling teas for the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, a collaborative venture by PepsiCo and Unilever, which also functions as a continuation of Lipton’s “Be More Tea” campaign.

With carbonated soft drinks in decline increasingly health conscious American consumers, the smaller prepared tea category has seen some growth, something the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership is trying to cash in on. “People like carbonated beverages, and I think Pepsi is very smart to try to try this sparkling tea product,” John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest, told AdAge. “Tea is at the sweet spot of beverages that taste good and have some perceived health and wellness benefits.”

DDB avoids referring to the beverage line as “carbonated” (presumably due to consumers associating that word with unhealthy beverages) instead repeatedly using the terms “tiny bubbles” (Did somebody say “Tiny Bubbles?”) and “sparkling” in the ad. Bubbles are shown lifting people up as they enjoy the product, set to a cover of the song “Tiny Bubbles” by American Authors. Linda Bethea, senior director of marketing at Pepsi Lipton Partnership, told AdAge that one goal of the campaign is to create more “more tea-drinking occasions with the product, such as in the mid-afternoon.”

“We know consumers are reducing their consumption of soda,” she told the publication. “And as they do, they are coming to categories like tea and water.”

We Hear: CP+B Vet Clemans Leaves Colangelo

colangelo logo 2We’ve yet to receive a statement from the agency, but multiple sources tell us that Dave Clemans is no longer executive creative director at Omnicom’s Colangelo Synergy Marketing.

Clemans joined the Darien, Connecticut-based shop less than two years ago after spending a year and a half as ECD at Taxi’s New York office; both the recent appointment and the previous one earned writeups in Adweek.

The agency, which counts Unilever, Pepsi, the NFL, and others among its past/current clients and focuses primarily on “promotions and shopper marketing” rather than traditional creative, developed the position for Clemans before he joined in the Summer of 2013.

At the time, he told Noreen O’Leary that “brands realize they need a lot of disciplines so we’re trying to figure out how to make this work for them.”

Clemans began his career in the creative department at Crispin and spent time at both GS&P and The Martin Agency before moving into the ECD position at CHI&Partners. He held that role for more than two years and then joined Taxi, which he left amidst a larger executive shakeup led by the departure of Durk Barnhill (now CEO of Saatchi New York).

Clemans was one of many who worked on the VW account at CP+B; other notable projects include Best Buy, Virgin, Burger King’s European campaigns, and Crispin’s anti-tobacco work.

Again, the agency has yet to respond to our requests for comment on why its director left or whether it looks to replace him, though one of our sources claims that his departure was part of a series of layoffs.

Updates if we get them.

Corny NAPA Auto Parts Pitchman Aims to Entice NASCAR Rookie

Longtime NASCAR sponsor NAPA Auto Parts just launched its first spot of the year for the auto racing giant. The campaign stars stock car racer Chase Elliott, who’s not even drinking age but apparently has enough swagger to attract overenthusiastic pitchmen like the one in the ad above.

Created by VML, which has served as NAPA’s agency of record for well over a year, the spot features our fake NAPA pitchman trying to get Elliott to embrace  merchandising — albeit via a handful of bad product ideas including dipsticks and blow-up dolls.

While Elliott obviously isn’t taking the bait, his buddy, veteran NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt. Jr., is totally into it.

Let the hijinks ensue.

Agency: VML


Chief Creative Officer, Debbi Vandeven
Executive Creative Directors, Aaron Evanson and John Godsey
Group Creative Director, James Holden
Creative Directors, Steve Martin and Derek Anderson
Senior Copywriter, Rob Schneider
Senior Art Director, Eric Thompson
Senior Producer: Shaun Campbell
Managing Director, Client Engagement: Jen McDonald
Group Director, Client Engagement: Susan Clements
Supervisor, Client Engagement: Ashley Renken
Senior Account Manager, Client Engagement: Laura Picicci
Production company: Rabbit
Director: Tim Abshire
Edit house: 19 Below

Thjnk Warns of Unruly ‘Mechanics’ for Audi

Berlin-based Thjnk launched a new spot for Audi, reminding viewersof the importance of going to an Audi dealer instead of a random mechanic.

To do so, the agency makes said mechanics seem downright frightening. The spot opens on a mechanic as he sees a lone Audi driving down a desolate road. Soon the car’s “Service due” light goes on and another mechanic perks up. As the car drives on more and more mechanics emerge, until there’s a zombie-like army chasing the car, which makes it into the Audi dealership just in time, ending with the tagline, “Don’t let your Audi fall into the wrong hands.”

The spot, directed by Sebastian Strasser of Radical Media, does a good job of building atmosphere and mimicking the pacing and feel of a horror movie. Intentionally over-the-top, the ad aims not for the typical message of superior service, but “…the monumental showcasing of the eternal struggle between good and evil,” the agency said in a statement. If that sounds like a bit too much, there is something of a self-awareness to the approach, as Thjnk and Audi seem to be in on the joke.


Client: Audi
Title: “Mechanics”
Agency: Thjink Berlin GmbH
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte
Creative Director: Siyamak Seyedasgari
Account: Nicole Bierwolf, Hendrik Heine
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Production Company: RadicalMedia berlin
dop: Roman Vasyanov
Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser, Kathy Rhodes, Yan Schoenefeld
Casting: Julia Kim (US), Francesca Green (UK)
Editor: Paul Hardcastle, Trim Editing
Colorist: George K, MPC London
Score: Robert Cairns
VFX: Time Based Arts, London
VFX Supervisor: James Allen
VFX Lead Artists: James Allen, Sheldon Gardner, Steven Grasso

Inherent Vice Contest

A l’occasion de la sortie du film Inherent Vice de Paul Thomas Anderson, le 4 mars, nous avons réuni pour vous les 8 illustrations très colorées qui ont été révélées pour chaque personnage principal : Benicio Del Toro, Eric Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, Owen Wilson, Martin Short… Plus d’informations sur le concours dans la suite de l’article, afin de remporter des affiches, places, livres et bien d’autres choses.

Bande annonce :

Concours :

Pour participer, commentez et partagez cet article sur Facebook et en le retweetant sur Twitter.

Le tirage au sort aura lieu le 10 mars à minuit. Lots à gagner :
– 1 enceinte portable.
– 10 affiches 60×40.
– 10 Tshirts (mix S,M et L).
– 10 colliers.
– 10 livres.
– 10×2 places pour le film.

Reese Whiterspoon
Owen Wilson
Martin Short
Katherine WaterSton
Hong Chau
Eric Roberts
Inherent Vice Contest

Adidas – Gareth Bale / Take Today – (2015) :30 (USA)

Adidas - Gareth Bale / Take Today - (2015) :30 (USA)

Gareth Bale takes the day in the new Adidas campaign from 180 LA. There’s only today. Yesterday is gone. Take today.



Adidas – Take It – (2015) :60 (USA)

Adidas - Take It - (2015) :60 (USA)

The last goal? Doesn’t matter. The last victory? Already forgotten. Yesterday is gone. Lost in the record books. But today is up for grabs. Unpredictable. Unwritten. Undecided. Now is ours. Do something, and be remembered. Or do nothing, and be forgotten.



Magnavision LaserDisc Player demonstration / Leonard Nimoy, dies at 83

Leonard Nimoy, who is known globally as “Mr. Spock” from Star Trek and his most famous role, died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.



See Leonard Nimoy's Relentlessly Spock-Studded Commercials

Leonard Nimoy, the actor known to generations of TV viewers and moviegoers as Mr. Spock on “Star Trek,” died Friday, his wife told The New York Times.

He was also a familiar face in commercials, which almost always traded on the Spock thing for a joke.

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How to Monetize Snapchat? Strippers Have It Figured Out

Snapchat is well-known as the disappearing-message platform with growing users, a huge valuation and very little revenue. But a particular group of users has figured out how to use Snapchat to generate revenue of their own, offering particular videos or pictures in exchange for the company’s new Snapcash money-sending feature.

The New York Times pulled the curtains on what Snapcash has wrought:

Strippers and porn stars have started to use Snapchat to send videos and photos of themselves naked for a small fee. Some transactions are as inexpensive as $1 to $5 for a few personalized photos. The prices can reach double digits for personalized sex shows.

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100 Rainbow-Inspired Products – From Decadent-Rainbow Hued Tissues to Opalescent Rainbow Shoes (TOPLIST)

( Rainbow-colored items have exploded in recent years. Rainbows have been infused in everything from food, fashion and art. Art installations are incorporating the use of rainbow pragmatic coloring in…

Tech Ad Parodies Ogilvy Nationwide Controversy

Today in We Saw This Coming news, an educational technology company called Instructure wants to be known as the first to create a real ad poking fun at the Nationwide Super Bowl campaign that got more exposure than the llamas OR the dress. You know the one.

Here is the ad, which was produced entirely in-house. Its purpose is to promote the company’s “move into the corporate learning space” or, more accurately, to sell a product called Bridge:

Do you have any idea what Bridge actually does after watching this spot? Does software have anything to do with personal job satisfaction? More importantly, who killed the cat? And why?

This is what people in the PR industry call “newsjacking” — and the client is ready for some blowback, because they just raised $40 million from some venture capitalists in preparation for an eventual IPO (and the press release includes more indecipherable jargon than your average chief digital officer on any given day).

Now which art director will write a thinkpiece exploring what #TheDress says about the state of modern design?

22squared Jumps Cheeseburgers for Krystal

Agency 22squared teamed up with production company Tool and director Geordie Stephens to launch a new campaign for Atlanta-based burger chain Krystal with the 30-second “Cheese Lovers Death Metal Minibike Jump.”

The spot launches features some suburban kids blasting some metal and setting up a bike jump over a pyramid of Krystal burgers. Their resident Evel Knievel sets out to clear the jump and everything seems to be going according to plan, until suddenly it isn’t. Ending with the tagline “Stupid Good,” it’s evident the spot was built around the line with its (intentionally) stupid humor. “Cheese Lovers Death Metal Minibike Jump” is just the beginning of the campaign, as a handful of spots will roll out throughout 2015, presumably featuring similarly lowbrow humor.


Client: Krystal
Chief Marketing Officer: Jason Abelkop
Director of Marketing Communication: Angela Johnson

Agency: 22squared
Chief Creative Director: John Stapleton
Creative Director: Curt Mueller
Copywriter: Bobby O’Neill
Art Director: Peter Kehr
Director of Integrated Production: Matt Silliman
Executive Producer: Bryan Jameson
Executive Group Director: Ed Klein
Account Supervisor: Katie Hunter

Production Company: Tool
Director: Geordie Stephens
Managing Director – Live Action/EP: Oliver Fuselier
Managing Director – Digital: Dustin Callif
Executive Producer: Rob Helphand
Producer: Jeff Tanner

Editorial Co.: Cosmo Street
Editor: Tessa Davis

Do Competing Bottled Water Brands Actually Taste Different? Rhett & Link Find Out

Rhett & Link will slake your thirst for goofy, brand-inspired comedy in the “Ultimate Water Taste Test,” a wonderfully wet episode of their “Good Mythical Morning” YouTube show.

The guys, best known for their brilliantly bad local commercials, compete against each other to identify seven varieties of water. They sample five brands: Dasani, Evian, Fiji, Smart Water and Blk Water. (“It’s not from a river in Alabama,” Rhett quips, but infused with fulvic powder, “whatever that is.”) There’s also pond water from Echo Park in Los Angeles and H2O straight from the tap.

The duo don a dual-action water-tasting apparatus—basically hardhats and two hoses for drinking—that actually connects their heads, making them look, Link notes, “like two construction workers talked into doing some kind of scuba trust exercise.”

Once the blind water taste test begins, the snark pours forth.

“It’s got a flowed-down-through-snow-in-the-Alps kind of a feel to it.”
“There’s an elevation in this taste—this is from up high, not from down below.”
“Tastes like clouds.”
“I can taste vapor distillation.”
“If somebody’s selling this, they need to stop immediately.”

You’ll have to watch the 15-minute segment—streaming rapidly toward 1 million YouTube views in just two days—to see how many of the seven they correctly identify. Be sure to hang in for the refreshingly honest “Neither Water” spoof commercial at the end, which drives home the point that, when you’re truly parched, branding doesn’t matter.