WPP Announces That It Will (Eventually) Replace Sir Martin

As Reebok reminded us yesterday, nobody lives forever…even absurdly wealthy holding company CEOs. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that WPP has begun looking at internal and external candidates to succeed founder Martin Sorrell as CEO, Campaign reports.

“At some point we all leave our jobs,” WPP chairman Roberto Quarta told shareholders at the company’s 2015 Annual Report. “Whether, in Sir Martin’s case, that happens tomorrow, in one, two, three, four or five years, or even over a longer period, we have already begun to identify internal and external candidates who should be considered.”

“I and the other independent members of the board will continue to focus on this in 2016 and beyond,” he added.

So, while the long search for a successor has begun, you probably shouldn’t expect Sorrell to step down soon. Quarta also confirmed in the 2015 Annual Report that Sorrell would receive £62.8 million in compensation for 2015, up from £42.7 million the year before. We can’t imagine that kind of money is easy to walk away from.

The pseudo-announcement also follows this week’s news that WPP revenue rose in Q1 and beat expectations because, as Bloomberg put it yesterday, “clients spent more in the U.S., U.K. and western Europe” for their advertising needs. That story is also worth reading primarily for this amazing quote from a British analyst, emphasis ours:

“If you’re looking for banana skins there aren’t any here. Against uncertainty from the Brexit vote and a possible Trump presidency, WPP has posted a confident outlook and is gaining good momentum.”

This despite the fact that, as Sorrell himself puts it, “we’re not in the advertising business anymore.”

Someone has to fill the nobleman’s well-polished shoes, and we would like to float the name of Jordan Zimmerman for consideration. Why? Because we hear he’s very good at negotiating deals. One might even say he “makes the best deals.

Think about it, WPP.

Samsung and Its Agencies Deny Sponsoring Usher’s Dick Pics

Usher promoted the Samsung S7 with a series of “Steamin” pics from his Snapchat account howusnap, letting viewers know that the phone is “Shower Proofed.” This could really come in handy when sexting Buzz the Bee, and we’re kind of convinced there’s something going on between the two.

Samsung has worked with Usher in the past, but last night the company told Mashable that it had nothing to do with the stunt, thereby exonerating W+K, R/GA and its other agency partners.

For now we must regard the snaps–which include a mostly-covered dick pic–as an unofficial endorsement of the phone from the R&B star. (Like most things involving Snapchat, this doesn’t really make much sense.)
Some may question the judgement behind these shots, but this stunt is not the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen coming from the man directly responsible for Justin Bieber.

Still, you almost have to feel bad for his kids knowing that these images will now exist online somewhere permanently.


Your move, Apple?

Images: howusnap/Snapchat

AKQA Parts Ways with Director of Project Management/Former R/GA Production Lead

AKQA New York has parted ways with John Antinori, who served as director of project management there for more than 18 months.

We last heard from Antinori when he left R/GA two Februaries ago after nearly 15 years.

He held several top production roles in the Bob Greenberg shop’s New York office including managing director of production and, from 2007 to 2014, EVP/chief production officer reporting directly to the CEO. According to Antinori’s own resume, he oversaw the shop’s international production teams and worked on developing and expanding related processes at its offices around the world.

Antinori specialized in web design, software and video games, and he worked as a game designer at companies like EAI and Take 2 Interactive before joining R/GA in 1999.

AKQA declined to comment on his departure. Sources with direct knowledge of the matter did tell us that he officially left on Wednesday, that he had been on performance review and that the agency has begun interviewing candidates for the head of project management position.

In other news, we hear that AKQA may be announcing new hires across the U.S. in coming weeks.

Argonaut Hires Longtime GS&P Executive Robert Riccardi as Its First CEO

San Francisco agency Argonaut appointed Robert Riccardi as its first CEO, reuniting him with agency founders Rick Condos, Hunter Hindman, and Max Heilbron, who all worked together at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. 

Riccardi joins the agency from GS&P, where he most recently served as managing partner. He spent some 23 years with the agency, and worked with Condos, Hindman and Heilbron on accounts such as Doritos, Cheetos, Chevrolet and Cisco while there. Riccardi originally joined GS&P to help run what was then its biggest account, American Isuzu Motors. In 1996 he was named one of the agency’s six partners and took over management of the account services department. In addition to the aforementioned brands, Riccardi also worked with Häagen-Dazs, eBay, Netflix and Adobe over the course of his career with GS&P. 

Riccardi’s arrival follows the appointment of creative directors Shane Fleming and Anders Gustafsson last month to lead the agency’s MetLife account, for which the shop was named agency of record last September

“Hunter and I are proud and humbled that a talent the caliber of Robert would be willing to join us in helping to lead ARGONAUT into the future,” said Condos. “He is not only the smartest guy we’ve ever worked with, he’s a great friend as well.”

“There literally is no one on Earth that is more suited to this position, so thank goodness he said yes,” added Hindman. 

“I’ve been at GS&P for 23 years and it’s been brilliant. Now a new management team is emerging there that is fantastic and the work over the past year is as good as it has been in a long while. So, it felt like the right time to move on to something new,” said Riccardi. “I’m really excited to work with Rick, Hunter and the team at Argonaut. They are building a business and a culture that is exciting and new and I really look forward to being a part of it. Rick and Hunter have always been a rare breed of savvy creative leads who understand business as well as what is most current, inventive, and creative in our industry.”

[Image via Goodby, Silverstein & Partners]

MDC Partners’ Stock Drops After Short Seller Calls Its Accounting Practices ‘Highly Disturbing’

Today in Financial News, notorious short-seller Daniel Yu is betting against agency holding company MDC Partners.

This morning, Yu published a blog post via his organization Gotham City Research. He seems to think the company that owns CP+B, 72andSunny and other shops has yet to resolve the practices that led former CEO Miles Nadal to step down last year amid an SEC investigation of his finances. Nadal later agreed to repay $21 million to the company he founded beyond the $8.6 million he had already paid at that point.

Yu’s 40-page report is extensive, but he sums it up with a few points and compares MDC to the much-maligned Valeant Pharmaceuticals in his headline, arguing that the holding company currently has “understated debts.”

Some of his accusations are quite serious, most prominently this line: “At least 42%-53% of reported profits are suspect.” He told CNBC today that “We find MDCA’s accounting highly disturbing.”

Yu also references a story we posted last summer, writing, “Dubious related party transactions continue, despite Miles Nadal’s departure, e.g. Lori Senecal’s husband hired last year & compensated $1 million for 5 months’ work.”

On the agency front he notes JC Penney’s decision to move its account from Doner to mcgarrybowen and intellectual property suits filed against 72andSunny and CP+B, though we don’t see how the latter would be related to the financial operations of the parent company.

Yu even goes so far as to predict that “The on-going SEC investigation will lead to new revelations of wrong-doing.”

After his post went live this morning, MDC’s stock dropped. It has gradually recovered throughout the afternoon but at this very moment remains more than $3 below the point at which it began the day.

Amid press coverage of Yu’s assertions, MDC released a statement:

“MDC Partners is in a pre-earnings quiet period and will report its results and host a conference call with investors after the market close on Tuesday, May 3rd. MDC management is confident in its financial reporting and accounting practices, and intends to defend itself against the false and misleading accusations of this short seller report, which is solely focused on destroying the value we are creating for our shareholders for their own personal gain.”

Steve Symington of the Motley Fool blog wrote in a summary:

“As it stands, it’s certainly possible that Gotham City Research is capitalizing on investor uncertainty in the wake of the SEC investigation. But it’s also unsurprising to see our skittish market take a step back today given the gravity of the allegations.”

From the Yu report: “We have come to believe that MDC Partners is, indeed, an exceptional company – for all the wrong reasons.”

Of course Yu has an obvious interest in pushing down the price of MDC Partners stock. But his claims should at the very least heighten interest in its Q1 earnings call, which is scheduled for next Tuesday morning.

Grey Says There Is ‘No Merit’ to SAG-AFTRA ‘Contentions’ on Non-Union Talent

Yesterday we posted on the SAG-AFTRA union’s latest beef with the advertising industry: in an email to members and a message posted on its website, the entity formerly known as The Screen Actors Guild singled out Grey Group for allegedly using non-union talent.

Specifically, the group wrote that it was investigating claims that Grey has chosen to work with production company 23 Townhouse in order to bypass agreements made between the union and the ad industry (as represented by ANA-4A’s) that would require all involved shops to use only unionized actors and production talent for its clients’ campaigns.

In the note, SAG-AFTRA claimed that it had attempted to contact Grey about its “potential violations” of the union’s Commercial Contracts agreements before sending the “urgent notice” to all members in a Wednesday afternoon email blast.

In responding to our post on Twitter last night, SAG-AFTRA seemed to take issue with our use of the word “accuses.” Note the hashtags.

The group later clarified that it was simply agreeing with our assertion that it does not, in fact, fuck around.

The first statement on the matter from Grey’s legal team denies that there have been any such violations and even says that SAG-AFTRA did not, in fact, attempt to contact the agency directly as claimed.

“Grey is a long-standing signatory of SAG.  We have had a very positive and productive relationship with them.  We believe that there is no merit to their contentions.

Contrary to their open letter, no one from SAG tried to contact Grey Group before it was released.  We intend to respond to their letter in due course.”

It’s unclear who first provided information on SAG’s claims or what sort of evidence they have to back them up, but the group has called upon members to reach out if they have more.

As noted in previous posts, the union and the industry group have yet to finalize their agreement, and the deadline for members to vote on the matter is May 9th.

Expect more developments to come on both the Grey case and the larger story.

TBWA, Gatorade and Derek Jeter Teach Us to Love Peyton Manning All Over Again

Oh Peyton Manning, when did we ever start doubting you? Maybe it was your shamelessly self-interested shilling for Papa John’s and Budweiser or the time that you were accused of sexual assault.

One can’t deny that the guy was a great football player, and it seems he was also quite good at writing letters.

In this two-minute plus film from Gatorade and TBWAChiatDay L.A., we witness a laundry list of Manning’s colleagues celebrating letters he sent throughout the years, which were written in response to a wide variety of situations.

Here’s the roundup with a bit of harmonica assistance from a very different Zimmerman: Bobby D.

As you can see from the spot above, unofficial members of the Peyton Manning Appreciation Society include everyone from his own brother and father to Derek Jeter and the mother of a child who was treated at Indiana’s Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital before passing tragically.

Appropriately, the spot first aired last night ahead of the NFL draft.

We still don’t understand why the FTC hasn’t brought its hammer down on Manning for the Budweiser thing. Could there be a clearer conflict of interest? It’s like Donald Trump getting a tax deduction from the government to renovate a public building while simultaneously running to become the person who would manage that government.

On second thought, the two examples are not really alike at all. But they are both completely ridiculous.


Agency: TBWAChiatDay
Client: Gatorade

Chief Creative Officer: Stephen Butler
Executive Creative Director: Brent Anderson
Worldwide Creative Director: Renato Fernandez
Creative Director: Mark Peters
Senior Art Director: Pierce Thiot
Senior Copywriter: Kathleen Swanson
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Director of Production: Brian O’Rourke
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Managing Director: Jerico Cabaysa
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Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
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Jr. Planner: Joe Elliott
Director of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Mimi Hirsch
Talent Payment Manager: Annie Boyle
Traffic Manager: Judy Brill

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Partner: Patrick Milling Smith
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Executive Producer: Drew Santarsiero
Head of Production: Andrew Colon
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Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor:  Damion Clayton
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VFX Studio:  the Mill
Lead Artists: Bill Higgins, Tim Robbins
2D Artist: Steve Gibbons
AE Animator: Greg Park
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Color: The Mill
Artist:  Adam Scott
Executive producer: Thatcher Peterson
Color Producer: Diane Valera
Color Coordinator: Jackson Rogers

Final Mix: Formosa
Mixer : John Bolen
Assistant Mixer: Herman Thurman
Executive Producer: Lauren Cascio

Music: Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin”
Performed by: The Rumor Mill
Producer, Engineered and Mixed by: J.Ralph
Co-produced, Engineered and Mixed by: Arthur Pingrey
Recorded at Barrow Street Studios

Music Licensing: MEGA Inc.
Founder: Danny Socolof
VP of Licensing: Madeline Adami

Friday Odds and Ends

-72andSunny launched the Captain America: Civil War-themed “United We Play” for Target (video above).

-Mars CMO Bruce McColl is retiring.

-BBH strategy director Kate Nettleton tackles “Ad narcissism” and explains “why our industry should put down the mirror.” (paywall, urgh)

Lancome and Target started running shoppable ads within Cosmopolitan’s Discover channel today

This week Ad Contrarian asked the unanswerable question: can the ad industry save itself?

-Brands are jumping on the Drake ‘Views’ bandwagon already.

-Lisbon agency Nossa launched a campaign for Somersby Cider featuring a livestream of a character named Lord Somersby sitting in front of a camera and making the same movements over and over for 24 hours.

“If you’re going to play the social media game, know the rules,” warns JWALK founder Doug Jacob.

Anomaly Celebrates the MLB with ‘#This’

For those of us who are fans of the game, April is synonymous with baseball and the MLB.

To celebrate the still-very-young season, Anomaly created a campaign for the MLB called “#This,” featuring a series of videos of some of the league’s top stars.

First, Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen is celebrated for his home run power, in this documentation of a three homer game against the Rockies in Coors Field (a fact which does make the achievement slightly less impressive). 

McCuthen’s video is just one of many. There’s also a spot celebrating Jake Arrieta‘s second career no-hitter. As an Orioles fan, it hurt to type that.

Some of the spots celebrate more than one player, like this earlier effort featuring the World Series Champion Kanasas City Royals’ core of Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, Salvador Perez and Jarrod Dyson.

There’s something for fans of just about every team.

The Baltimore Orioles and one-man highlight reel Manny Machado even get some love.

The approach, which emphasizes the game’s highlights, is an obvious but effective one.

But we can’t help feeling there might have been a better campaign title and hashtag than #This, which carries the added baggage of being an already overused (and slightly annoying) term on social media.

You can’t win them all.

DDB New York Celebrates Raw Animal Sex for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

DDB New York launched a campaign for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival built around an online spot featuring a version of Lonely Island’s “I Just Had Sex” re-imagined as a paean to panda loving. (Is “Tainted Love” morphed into “Endangered Love” up next?)

The animated spot shows a post-coital panda quite pleased with himself, and for good reason…the survival of his species depends on it.

It doesn’t even matter that she kept looking at her watch, that she ate bamboo the whole time or that there were people staring.

The campaign also includes print ads, set to appearing in Vice and in the New York subway, which showcase various animal takes on the kama sutra such as the Gorilla Sutra, Sloth Sutra and Rhino Sutra.

Each of the ads features the tagline, “The only thing going extinct is the missionary position” while directing viewers to endangered.love. Proceeds from books, clothing, art and accessory sales on the site will go toward helping save endangered species.

We can’t quite read any of the print work, but the colors are nice!

Do This To Double Your Blog Traffic Today

Many individuals have started a blog and can’t figure out precisely why they are not getting visitors. If you don’t promote your blog no one is even going to be aware that you have a blog. One more thing that you will have to keep in mind is there are hundreds of thousands of people right where you are now. This is your competition and they are trying everything they are able to make sure that rather than going to your blog the traffic goes to theirs. Fortunately, there is a strategy to start obtaining more traffic to you blog and in this article we’re going to cover those ways.

The most vital thing you need to do is to start building links to your blog. One thing you need to know is that if you need to start getting more traffic you have got to build backlinks constantly. One other thing you need to realize is that just building these links to your home page just isn’t enough to get your site noticed. Every time you post an article you will want to create links to that page. Many individuals consider this to be referred to as deep linking, but it doesn’t matter how you look at it is still back link building and the search engines will reward you for it.

There’s a couple of ways for you to do this. You’ll find programs on the internet which can help you, one such program is known as Only wire. There’s a free and paid version of their program and you will really need to decide just what is going to fit your needs. For anybody who just plan on blogging once a week on just one blog then the free membership should be good enough for what you’ll need. However for people who are more aggressive and produce a new blog post daily, or even for those who have more than one blog than you might find that you will need one of the paid memberships. Exactly how Only wire works is when you post to your blog you can instantly have that page posted to bookmarking sites. Meaning that every post you make is going to automatically be posted to the social bookmarking sites, which in turn creates backlinks for that site.

Of course you won’t want to overlook article marketing because this is another way to create these deep links. This is certainly a numbers game, so if you want to get a-hold of more traffic you will need to create more links. To make this process faster you may want to join an article distribution site. Using a program like “Unique Article Wizard” you will not have to send in these articles manually. To accomplish this properly you’ve got to create another article but this article needs to be on the subject of the article you posted on your blog. You then create 2 rewrites of that article, and make sure that every article possesses the same amount of paragraphs. After this you take these articles and add them to Unique Article Wizard and they are going to take care of posting them. Be sure to create a resource box with one link which points back to the home page of your blog and the 2nd link really should be pointing to the post you just published on your blog. You are allowed to include two links in every single resource box.

Those two simple steps and programs are able to get you the backlinks you will need in order to get the traffic you want. Now you might see a little traffic pickup just after you start using these techniques but it will take a little time to start seeing the complete effects.

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Top 3 Myths About Internet Marketing and Advertising

In this day and age most of us have already heard about Internet Advertising but you’re going to see that there loads of different myths which are floating around relating to this sort of business. Keep in mind that mainly because you hear something doesn’t make it true, and as you can imagine these myths are just that, something which can’t be believed. Just so you know what the reality is when it comes to these myths we’re going to be discussing a number of them in this post and telling you what the reality is.

The whole “Get Rich Quick” theory that is apparently floating around on the internet today about online businesses, is something that is definitely one of the largest myths right now. One reason why this myth is floating around is mainly because there actually have been people who have gotten rich quickly using Internet Marketing and advertising, but we’re dealing with one out of a million. If you’ve been researching online businesses I am certain you’ve come across many different programs which promise you huge, instant income, but the way these men and women make their cash is by convincing you of this so you will purchase their program. Although Internet Marketing can wind up being profitable you ought to realize that getting rich quick isn’t a thing that you ought to be expecting if you get into this business.

Something else you have most likely heard about Internet Marketing and advertising is that it’s very easy to make money with this, but this is also something which is just not true. This is something that will require that you invest plenty of hard work and plenty of time if you truly want to find success with this type of venture, after all it’s a business you are building. For individuals who compare a web based business to a a real world business you are going to see that starting a web based business will be easier than that, but it will still require plenty of work.

One more thing you will probably heard is that anybody can in fact wind up becoming very successful on the internet, but the truth is some men and women are just not built for finding success online. Mainly because this sort of business takes time, energy and dedication, you are going to find that there are a vast amount of people throughout the planet who don’t possess these qualities to be able to find success. One more thing I ought to mention is if you’re a lazy person trying to find the easy way to make money this is something that is also going to prevent you from being successful.

A primary reason plenty of individuals actually enter the Internet Advertising field is because they believe it is something which has no costs involved, but again this is also a myth. When it comes right down to it I ought to point out that there are specific techniques of Internet Marketing and advertising that are free, but only making use of these free strategies aren’t going to present you with the success you’re looking for.

Finding success on the web is not something which everybody is going to be able to do, and it is going to require that you set aside a certain length of time every single day to devote to this business.

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How You Can Promote Your Blog

One of the very best ways to earn money on the net is to set up a blog, help it get popular and then sit back and watch while money goes in to your PayPal account through all of the ads that you put up in your sidebars, footers, headers, etc. If you are good at your website, you can eventually make thousands of dollars every year. Obviously your first objective ought to be getting readers for your blog. You have found that that the key to making money through a blog is to get as much targeted visitors as possible. But how are you supposed to acquire that traffic at all? How are you supposed to promote your website when you are only a beginner? Here are a handful of hints:

1. Use Article marketing. You don’t have to do a lot of this when you are first starting out. In fact, the smarter strategy could be to save your best material to build the body of the blog. Still, some articles on your selected topics submitted to a few directories can actually help you. The more bylines around which have your name in them the better off you’ll be. Just ensure that the articles or blog posts are very well crafted.

2. Before you decide to set up your advertising, try using a several traffic exchange programs. You may also employ these programs to find new blogs to read and enjoy. While you’re reading other blogs that the system sends to you, the system is giving your blog to other users. This typically operates in a ratio of two to one. For every two blogs you see, your blog gets sent to one person. People uncover you while you uncover them. It helps out every person and can help you boost the numbers in your stats.

3. Give comments on some other blogs in your niche. Be sure your comments are authored well and that they truly contribute something to the conversation that is already going on. Don’t merely leave a little something that says “great job.” You really want your comment to confirm that you have actually read the entire post and that it is your actual opinion. Not only will this obtain the blog owner’s focus and encourage them to visit you, it will catch the attention of other commenters and get them to visit your blog too.

4. Reply to the comments that you get. You must do this both privately as well as publicly. If a person takes the time to leave a comment for you, two things needs to happen. Respond first to the comment in the comments section of your article so that it will be available for the public to see. Second, you should send the commenter a personal e-mail to thank them for taking the time to comment on your writing. This goes a long way to endearing yourself to the commenters plus it induces new people to contribute as well.

There are a lot of things you can use to increase your blog’s popularity and visibility. These are just a couple of them!

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3 Tips To Make Your Affiliate Promotion Kick-Ass

As you don’t need to design or develop your own product you are going to find that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making cash on the web. Generating traffic to your web site or affiliate link is going to be the determining factor on whether or not you will achieve success as an affiliate marketer. I am certain you’re already aware that there’s a lot of different methods that folks can wind up obtaining traffic, but loads of people that are new to the Internet do not know how to accomplish this. In the following paragraphs we’re going to be taking a look at a few simple ways that you can begin obtaining traffic to your affiliate links so you can start making more cash.

Something you should be aware of that is an incredibly powerful way to begin producing traffic is to pick a product and develop a web site around this product. Something I should mention is that you don’t want to make use of one of the free hosting services which are available, you are going to want to purchase your own domain and hosting account. You are additionally going to discover that when you have your own website for the product you’ll be able to get it indexed and ranked in the major search engines a lot easier than you will be able to rank your affiliate link.

One technique that is been very powerful for internet marketers is writing reviews about whatever product you’re advertising, and you are going to also find this is really a good way to add content to your internet site. When it comes to writing the review itself you are going to find it is vitally important for you to buy the product so you are able to provide your potential customers a lot more information about how the product works. Something you ought to be aware of is that when your customers realize that this is really a product you bought, they are going to be more apt to believe your review, and this will in addition lead to more product product sales.

One other thing I would like to point out is that if you wind up starting a blog about the product you may find that you will be able to create far more sales than without one. A blog will allow your prospective buyers the opportunity to interact with you and ask questions concerning the product, and when you interact with them there is an even better possibility they will wind up buying the product. You ought to also recognize that the search engines love blogs, and each time you update your blog the search engines will index the new web page and help you obtain more traffic.

For individuals trying to find other ways to begin making more money from your affiliate link you may possibly want to think about joining forums as well as using article advertising and marketing to be able to generate this extra traffic. Obviously, when you think about it, it is going to be up to you to actually put the suggestions into practice so you can start creating the traffic you have to become successful.

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Are Your Eyes Playing Twix on You? Twins Freak People Out in Candy's Fun New Ad

Playing on the double-sticked nature of the product, Twix in the Nordics pulled a modern—and more discomfiting—version of Doublemint’s “Double Your Pleasure.”

Patchwork Group in Denmark helped prep the campaign, which will run in all Nordic nations. In the video, unsuspecting café patrons sit down at a table and immediately start to notice something slightly off. 

They are surrounded by various sets of twins. 

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Team Canada's Winter Warriors Prep for Warmer Weather in Striking Rio 2016 Ads

Canada’s climate includes harsh terrain and gnarly winters—which is why its athletes are so hardcore, says a new ad for the nation’s Olympics team.

The Canadian Olympic Committee and agency Cossette created the campaign, titled “Ice in Our Veins,” for this year’s Summer Games in Brazil. The :60 centerpiece commercial immediately draws a distinction between the frozen landscape onscreen, and Rio de Janeiro, the famous beach town where the 2016 competition will be held in August. 

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Temptations Made a Collar That Finally Gives Your Cat a Human Voice, So It Can Talk to You

Since the dawn of time, humans have been confounded by cats, those mystifyingly aloof creatures whose inner thoughts are famously inscrutable. But no longer! Temptations Cat Treats has invented a cat collar that lets your feline speak in a human voice—so you can finally understand (though probably not) exactly what she is trying to tell you.

The Temptations Catterbox, created by London ad agency adam&eveDDB, contains a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth technology and wifi. It captures the cat’s meows and translates them into human speech—words that may or may not actually be what they’re trying to say.

The Catterbox is the work of the new Temptations Lab, a scientific-sounding “research workstream dedicated to the future of fun times with your cat,” according to the Mars brand. It is 3-D printed, coated in rubber lacquer for the cat’s comfort and comes in four colors.

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Speed Rapper With a Dying Phone Battery Shocks Passersby With His Fast Talking

“You want lasagna for dinner?/Ricotta’s a winner/I’m thinking’ bout a little pasta with some sauce in the center.”

Speed rapper Mac Lethal busts out those lines and a whole lot more in this hidden-camera stunt from ad agency SuperHeroes touting the extended battery life of Asus’ Zenfone Max Android handset. (It lasts 38 days on a single charge, they claim!)

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McKinney Printed N.C.'s Bathroom Bill on Toilet Paper. You Know What to Do With It

“It makes great cocktail napkins, bookmarks, facial tissues. But you know what’s best to do with it!” Yes, Durham, N.C., agency McKinney knows where its home state’s controversial House Bill 2 belongs—in the toilet.

The Charlotte City Council passed a nondiscrimination ordinance in February that included a rule allowing transgender people to use public restrooms assigned to the gender with which they identify. Furious opposition groups supported by Gov. Pat McCrory then ran ads arguing that the ordinance would make it easier for male sexual predators to get closer to victims by posing as women. 

The state legislature later called a special session to pass “HB2,” which requires all North Carolina residents to use the public restrooms associated with their birth gender. The move has enraged civil liberties groups nationwide, and North Carolina has been the focus of plenty of backlash over HB2. 

McKinney proposes a solution to the HB2 problem: Flush it. And they mean this quite literally, as you’ll see in the video below.

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Selfridges Promotes Female Strength With a Mystical, Magical and Powerful Lingerie Ad

We’re not in “Like a Girl” territory anymore. 

As one Adweek editor thoughtfully put it this week, “Female strength is the new female empowerment.” And while Always’ charming campaign may have begun that conversation, far more powerful elaborations on that message have appeared since, each improving on its predecessor in nuance, style and complexity. (Come on. Are you really going to say you weren’t blown away by Lemonade?)

This powerful new film from U.K. department store Selfridges, created in-house to promote its new Body Studio—as well as the fascinating variety of underpants from the shoot—hinges on the notion that contemporary women’s underwear is made with the male gaze in mind. (To wit: Victoria’s Secret’s big secret? It was founded by a dude.)

And in a step toward releasing women from the nonstop bullshit party they submit to from gendered birth onward, that’s something we can change right now, beginning with the brands pushing the panties.

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